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Man Up Or Shut Up, Harry! – OPINION

Man Up, Harry

No wonder Prince William wants nothing to do with his younger brother. If anything, he is done with his sister-in-law Meghan Markle too. Harry needs to man up or shut up. He has been emasculated by his wife and his mother-in-law, Doria Ragland. He doesn’t understand that people do not want to hear from a prince who had everything handed to him on a silver platter his entire life.

When Prince William became Prince of Wales, he did the right thing and did the ultimate man up. He dove into his projects. He has three big projects that he’s heavily involved with. His Earthshot Prize. The homelessness project and mental health.

The Fake Car Chase

Meanwhile, Harry thinks setting up a car chase in New York City will make people believe he and his wife are victims of the media, like his mother, the late Princess Diana. Though, if he and Meghan divorce, he has a better chance of reviving his image than she does. Also, the rumour, which has now come to pass, about Meghan not showing up at the coronation proves to the doubters [of the Sussexes] that she doesn’t care about her in-laws. All she wants is to be a duchess without putting in any form of duty. Let’s not forget that Harry’s “older woman” came out after Spare was released and told it how it was.

After everything that has been revealed about Meghan allegedly cozying up to Gordon Getty and laying the groundwork for a divorce, it has gotten to the point where she and Harry use their PR to control their images all they like, but people aren’t idiots. They can see the cracks in their marriage. Brittany of the Royal News Network did a video about a People magazine puff piece that doesn’t do a real good job of covering the rumours.

Censorship Overdrive!

There has been an onslaught of puff pieces to get people to like the Sussexes again. One of the things they’re trying to do is combat cyberbullying. However, there is a massive issue with this. They claim this, but it’s not what they’re doing. Their true objective is to censor the internet. Brittany mentions in her video that if Harry and Meghan had their way, she and her platform would be shut down because she speaks out against them. She is correct. If anything, Harry and Meghan shut down every single outlet, major or minor, that criticises them. Here’s the thing, you can’t censor the internet. Yes, there are mean people, but don’t be a public figure if you cannot handle it. Also, it shows that Meghan doesn’t accept any cultures.

The Sussexes’ messaging is contradicting. Do they want to be royals or not? There has also been a story where it is alleged that Harry misses his family. If he misses them so much, why doesn’t he tell Meghan where to get stuffed and that he wants to make up with them? We know William will be increasingly weary, especially after Catherine was pulled through the mud. Then we have the children. Harry claims to worry about his nephews, Princes George and Louis and his niece, Princess Charlotte. Two of them will be “like him.” Also, don’t forget that Meghan claims she was typecast because she’s an American (B-list) actor, and Harry bought into it.

Say Away From The Wales Children, Harold!

There is a rumour that William reportedly told Harry, “George, Charlotte and Louis are my children, not yours; back off.” I’ve said before that if William were ever to question Harry’s parenting, there would be news reports about it. So, what gives Harry the right task on how his brother parents, George, Charlotte and Louis? He’s no expert. His (alleged) kids are four and two. William’s children are 10, 8 and 5. Who has more experience here?

Harry was barely involved in George, Charlotte and Louis’ early years from what has been made public. The two older children probably have memories of their uncle, but Louis doesn’t. He was only a year old when his uncle and aunt left with his cousin Archie.

Harry, You Need To Man Up

Moreover, Harry needs to man up and realise that he isn’t liked because he’s a spoilt brat who lives it up and lectures the people sitting below him how to live. He wants to be a dictator, not a humanitarian. Also, censoring people for having an opinion will make him feel better about being a bully to his staff alongside his wife, who thought he was uber-rich. He could have defended Catherine when Meghan claimed she [Kate] wasn’t a hugger when sly is.

If he were to man up, he could start by telling Meghan off for collapsing and crying every time he walks into a room. Perhaps he could also explain why his grandmother allegedly sent Meghan out of the UK. Wouldn’t it be something if they saw my live blog on the coronation? Maybe he could address the lies in Spare. Or even better, did he get therapy or not? Because he hasn’t gotten better and is worst than he’s ever been. Finally, he needs to see that most people are not blind to Meghan’s apparent kindness anymore.

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