Arrowverse News: ‘Supergirl’ Pre Credit Scene Teases The Monitor and 90s Flash For Elseworlds Crossover

The Monitor

Ahead of next week’s annual crossover event, The CW’s Supergirl has given audiences a tease of what is coming regarding The Monitor. At the end of this week’s episode, Bunker Hill, we find ourselves on a battlefield with bodies strewn everywhere.

The next shot gets everyone excited. A man dressed in red drags himself across the ground in clear agony. Another man crosses his path, telling him, he’s failed before he opens some kind of… spellbook?

The man in red is none other than John Wesley Shipp’s The Flash from the 90s television series. How do we know this? Well, the subtitle that comes up before we see the bodies says Earth-90. The second man who holds the book is The Monitor.

Now, you’re probably sitting back thinking “Wait. There aren’t 90 Earths in the Arrowverse.” In a nutshell, you’re correct. In last year’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover, Kara and Harry Wells reveal there are 53 Earths in the multiverse. Officially, there is only 52 because Earth-X is so terrible no smart, sane person would go there. Harry’s words, not ours. So, yeah, 53 Earths exist if you include Earth-X. There’re more Earths out there than we realise. A vision from early in The Flash’s run showed a vision of Earth-90.

The Earth-90 referenced in the Elseworlds teaser is likely a parallel to either Earth-1 or Earth-38. Earth-90 is a clear reference to the time Shipp’s Flash comes from. Hopefully, there’s an explanation. If there isn’t, the information from last year becomes redundant.

Fans have known for weeks that Shipp would return to his 90s Flash cowl in the crossover. We didn’t know how he would appear. It looks like we finally have an answer.

The weird book isn’t the only issue Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow will face. Green Arrow and Flash switch lives while Alex hunts her own sister. We’ll also get to meet Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane for the first time.

It will be one hell of a ride for our heroes. We might even gain a Batwoman spin-off from it. Let’s cross our fingers that the Arrowverse crew get their wish.

Be on the lookout this week as the Arrowverse shows air. We might receive more pre-credit scenes like the one between 90s Flash and The Monitor.

The Arrowverse crossover entitled Elseworlds will air from December 9 to December 11 in America on The CW.

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