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Shadow Warrior, Ahsoka
Star Wars

Ahsoka REVIEW: Episode Five – Shadow Warrior Gives The Clone Wars Live-Action Battles And Flashes Of Anakin And Ahsoka’s Relationship

Star Wars The Clone Wars fans rejoice! We finally got live-action Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano together during The Clone Wars, and boy, was it amazing. The fifth episode, entitled Shadow Warrior, leans into Ahsoka’s time as Anakin’s padawan during the Clone Wars era. It also flickers between Anakin as himself and then as Vader, …

Biomler, Mariner
Star Trek

Biomler And Mariner SCREW UP The Present In The Star Trek: Lower Decks CROSSOVER With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

The crew of the USS Enterprise won’t know what hit them. Literally. As a special treat for the Star Trek fans at San Diego Comic-Con, the Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds crossover was screened to the audience while the episode dropped worldwide to Paramount +. When Ensign Bradward “Brad” Biomler is suddenly sucked into …

Ad Astra Per Aspera
Star Trek

Number One Goes On Trial For Being Illyrian – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S02E02 – Ad Astra Per Aspera

Starfleet is hypocritical when it comes to augmentation. Some augments are dangerous, like La’an’s ancestor, Khan Noonien-Singh, but not all are destructive. The Illyrians, a species to which Una Chin-Riley belongs, only ever wanted to commune with nature. At the end of Season One, Number One was arrested for being Illyrian, and it was unclear …

Netflix Television

REVIEW: Wednesday Is Some Dark, Twisted Fun!

She’s kooky, and she’s spooky, and she has her show on Netflix. Wednesday Addams has become the main protagonist of her self-titled series. Starring Jenna Ortega, the series focuses on Wednesday during her time at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school she attends after she is expelled from her previous high school for sicing Piranhas on …


House Of The Dragon Season One Plays On The Sexism Surrounding Female Monarchs Quite Well – REVIEW

This is a late review for the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. We have had other articles in the pipeline. So it is only now that we’ve gotten a chance to review the entire season. We want to go over something significant: sexism against the Queens in the fantastical world of …