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Australian Television

Baby-Obsessed Storylines We’ve Seen Over The Last Year

What is it with baby-obsessed characters in recent television offerings? We’ve seen a baby swap, an IVF journey, a woman with an obsession with a mother’s unborn child and a phantom pregnancy. We’re going to look at storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful, The Secrets She Keeps, and Home and Away.

The Secrets She Keeps
Australian Television

We’re Not At Downton Abbey Or In Star City Anymore! The Secrets She Keeps Mini Series Review

When you think Laura Carmichael, you often think Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey. Well, The Secrets She Keeps is far from the period drama as you can possibly get. Also, fans of Jessica De Gouw will know her as Helena Bertinelli in Arrow which is also very different to this mini series.