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The Blackmail

Stargirl: Sylvester Goes After The Crocks, Cameron’s Downward Spiral Continues And The Crocks Hide Blackmail Attempts

Our boys, Sylvester and Cameron, have massive chips on their shoulders. This week’s Stargirl, the Blackmail, continues to excite and confuse its fans in the best way possible. Sylvester struggles to find a place in Blue Valley while going after Crocks. Cameron, meanwhile, struggles with mood swings as his powers continue to cause his downward …


Stargirl: Examining The Evidence – Who Would Want Steven Sharpe Dead?

As we were writing about the ratings confusion, we thought. Steven Sharpe’s death was a mystery waiting to happen. While he wasn’t the most beloved member of Blue Valley’s community, his murder has opened a few avenues. We know from the premiere that he was followed as he looked for his long-lost daughter, Becky. While …