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John Stewart, Green Lantern
DC Comics

Who Is The Green Lantern, John Stewart?

John Stewart is a Green Lantern we know the name of, but who is he? Introduced into DC Comics in 1971, the character became one of the few African-American characters to appear in the earlier days of DC. Like every Green Lantern, John Stewart wears the same power ring. He has often been partnered with …

Lidia, Meghan,
Babes Against Bullshit

Lidia Thorpe Is The Australian Version Of Meghan Markle – OPINION

Anyone with a brain knows how bland politics are. There are constant screaming matches between all the parties involved, and there are controversial figures. For example, in Victoria, Australia, they have to contend with Lidia Thorpe, an independent Aboriginal senator who holds an anti-white sentiment. Hmm, it sounds like Meghan Markle to a degree, doesn’t …