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Chronicles of Harkle

Will Archie And Lilibet Resent Their Parents? Meghan’s Jam Causes Highgrove’s Sales To Skyrocket – THOUGHTS and OPINION

Will the Sussex children, Archie and Lilibet have serious resentment towards their parents as adults? Meanwhile, Meghan’s jam endeavour causes the sales at Highgrove to soar. What does Meghan Markle have against family? She claims that she loves her kids and everything, but why is she depriving them of time with their grandfathers, cousins, aunts …

pile of assorted novel books
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Book Question Time!

There is nothing better than Book Question time. In this post, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun and use Google Search Console and Ezoic, to find book questions. The questions will be random subjects, depending on what we can find. Also, this post will accommodate for questions that we cannot fit into …

Emma Roberts Book Recommendations
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Book Recommendations By Emma Roberts

When you think of actress Emma Roberts, your mind doesn’t immediately go to book recommendations. She and her best friend started Belletrist, a book club, which has since evolved into a production company which has adapted two books to the screen. See our celebrity book club for more on that. In this post, we will …

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Books About Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn is one of the most talked about Queen consorts in British history and has appeared in many books. So much so is Anne Boleyn spoken about in books that she has appeared, in even historical fiction. There are so many books out there that we thought we’d give you an extensive list of …

books Catherine Middleton
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Books About Catherine Middleton

Yes, we know. Catherine Middleton no longer exists; it is Catherine, the Princess of Wales. For the sake of this book list post, it is Catherine Middleton. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is solely for SEO purposes and nothing more. We’ve wanted to do this post for a while. But there have not been …