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Mackenzie, heart attack, Felicity
Home and Away

Did Felicity’s Behaviour Cause Mackenzie To End Up In Hospital From A Suspected Heart Attack?

Felicity Newman is acting like a spoilt brat. She is blaming everyone except herself for the breakdown of her marriage to Tane Parata, including her business partner, Mackenzie Booth. Mac, who has been friends with Tane for years predating Felicity’s arrival in the bay, suddenly suffers what appears to be a heart attack during an …

Avatar 1, Paz

Was Paz Socorro In Avatar 1?

Did Miles “Spider” Socorro’s mother, Paz Socorro, appear in Avatar 1? That is what we’re here to talk about this time around. To put an end to a straightforward question, the answer to that is no, she wasn’t. Paz doesn’t appear in Avatar 1. The father of her son, Miles Quaritch, was the main antagonist …

Gym bathroom, Lilie James
True Crime

Saint Andrews Cathedral School Announces They Are Knocking Down The Gym Bathroom Where Lilie James Was Murdered

Saint Andrews Cathedral School has announced that they will demolish the gym bathroom where water polo coach Lilie James was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend, Paul Thijssen, according to The Daily Mail. An email was sent to parents of students attending the prestigious school, informing them of the decision. The school decided to take …