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Harry, Meghan
Chronicles of Harkle

Prince Harry Shouldn’t Be Inclined To Protection From The US Government, And He And Meghan Need To Say Away From Everyone Else’s Children! – OPINION

Harry, the King of Montecito and his Instagram-loving, biatch wife, Meghan Markle, are at it again. They cannot sit down and take a hint that people don’t like them. In all honesty, it makes them look even worse than they are. This time, the second son of King Charles III is now in massive poodoo. …

The Path, Kelleran
Star Wars

Was Kelleran Beq Part Of The Path?

We’ve spoken a lot about The Mandalorian Chapter 20: The Foundling over the last 24 hours. While it is excellent to see Ahmed Best back in Star Wars, the Wookieeleaks aftershow on New Rockstars posed an interesting theory; could Grogu’s rescuer, Kelleran Beq, be part of The Path? Erik Vos was the first to bring …

Star Wars

Who Is Kelleran Beq In Star Wars?

Star Wars is full of surprises, and this week’s episode of The Mandalorian is no exception. Since the trailers for Season 3 started dropping, we got one scene in particular that raised many questions. This was when Jedi faced a door during the night of Order 66. However, we didn’t know who it was. We …

Game of Thrones, ending

How Does Game Of Thrones End?

The ending of Game of Thrones is questioned by a lot of people who were avid fans of the series. Some dub the final season the worst. Whatever your opinion, it’s only fair to review how the series ended as it was a requested topic. So, what happened? We’re going off what an article from …

Nico, Allegiance
Percy Jackson

Which Side Is Nico On?

Nico Di Angelo, the demigod son of Hades, is known to play both sides of the conflict; his choice of allegiance is often shadowy. So we thought we’d take a quick trip into the sides of the conflict Nico has played over the selection of his appearances in the Percy Jackson universe. As the son …

Death, misery
Percy Jackson

Gods Of Death, Pain And Misery

Death, pain and misery are three of the most human emotions known to human creation. In the Percy Jackson universe, there are gods for each of these. While the more well-known deities are mentioned, we thought that death, pain and misery should get a somewhat decent look at, given they are essential to the stories …

commonwealth service

Did Catherine, The Princess Of Wales, Take Another Fashionable Swipe At Meghan Markle With Her Commonwealth Day Outfit? – OPINION

There have always been outfit wars between Catherine, the Princess of Wales and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. However, it is no secret that the former Duchess of Cambridge knows how to dress. Her clothing fits her like a glove. Whereas Meghan Markle dresses like a slob in public and then claims she wasn’t told how …

Ava, Home and Away
Home and Away

Ava’s Behaviour Is Creepy!

Justin Morgan’s daughter, Ava Gilbert, has been back on Home and Away for a while. While she has aged up to reflect how fast characters grow on soap operas, she has also been causing headaches. It is revealed that she is the stalker of Theo Poulos, Leah Patterson-Baker’s nephew, who is the lead singer of …


RIP Lance Reddick

We did not expect to write a post today but felt we had to do it. Lance Reddick, the actor slated to assume the role of Zeus in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, has passed aged 60. We announced Lance’s casting, along with that of Toby Stephens, as one of his brothers, …

Percy Jackson, netflix
Percy Jackson

Is Percy Jackson On Netflix?

One question regarding the Percy Jackson franchise that keeps coming up is whether any media is on Netflix. The answer is no. The Percy Jackson films, The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters are on Disney+. In addition, the reboot television series Percy Jackson and the Olympians will also be broadcast on Disney+. Disney owns …