Female-on-male domestic violence is not as highlighted in Australia as male-on-female domestic violence is. There have long been stigmas in place where male voices are being suppressed. This is where the Spartan Initiative comes in.

The Spartan Initiative was inspired by a story about a Spartan man who deserted the Spartan army and was killed when his mother, seeing him as a disgrace, threw a roof tile at his head, bludgeoning him to death.

In Ancient Spartan culture, any man who ran from the army was considered a weakling and a disgrace to their families, hence why that mother killed her son. At the time, this was standard, but in the centuries since, it has turned into an issue that goes against the evolution of society.

The Dilemma Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been around for millennia, and while the topic is being spoken about with women, male voices are left with little voice and few resources to seek help.

The Spartan Initiative thrives from the knowledge that there is hope for not just female domestic violence victims but also their male counterparts. We believe that not all men fall into the “macho” category they are often cast in.

All victims deserve to be treated equally, as they are in the same situation. It doesn’t matter that they’re not the same gender. No one human life is better than another.

We strive to break down the barriers many people see as societal norms. Also, we plan to talk about female domestic violence and how it compares to its lesser spoken-about counterpart in men. We’ll look into stats, stigmas and stereotypes often associated with the dilemma. 

Male Domestic Violence Articles

Coercive Control – The Murder Of Hannah Clarke And Her Three Children

The murder of coercive control victim Hannah Clarke and her three children at the hands of her estranged and dangerous husband, Rowan Baxter, was the crime story that rocked Australia in early 2020. The young mum was burned alive when Baxter ambushed her and the kids on the way to school on February 19 2020. …

Coercive control, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

SUSSEX THEORY: Is Meghan Markle Using Coercive Control On Prince Harry?

This post might be deemed controversial to some. But after listening to the Hannah’s Story podcast and researching Hannah Clarke’s murder, something clicked. Is Meghan Markle using coercive control on Prince Harry? For those new to Project Fangirl, we talk a LOT about the Sussexes and calling them out on their lies and hypocrisy. It …

a frightened man sitting alone on a chair

Common Stereotypes Regarding Male Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not a woman’s only issue. It relates to men as well, and there are Australian domestic violence statistics that back this up. While there are fewer male victims than women, they’re out there, and many don’t speak out due to the mountain of stigmas, which are mental health-based and can cause males …

Rowan Baxter

How Rowan Baxter Became A Monster – The Death Of Hannah Clarke

Rowan Baxter is your classic, stereotypical misogynist. He hated strong women like his mother-in-law, Sue Clarke and sister-in-law, Stacey Clarke, but most of all, he despised his wife, Hannah Clarke, whom he abused for years on a sexual, emotional and psychological level. In a previous article, we discussed Baxter and coercive control. In this one, …

human fist, baxter family murders, domestic violence

Why We Started Our Research On Male Domestic Violence With Hannah Clarke’s Story

The murder of Hannah Clarke was a story that still haunts Australia.  A young mother was killed by Rowan Baxter, the man who was supposed to protect her and their three children. The Baxter family murders are the perfect example of how deadly domestic violence and coercive control can be.  Moreover, the murders of the …

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Teaching All Children To Respect Each Other Prevents Domestic Violence Later Down The Road

Childhood is one of the pivotal times in a child’s life. This is where they’re more likely to see domestic violence. At this stage in their development, their minds are malleable, and they may think this behaviour is normal. However, it depends on how they’re being raised. If they see one parent raise a hand …

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, domestic abuse

What Female On Male Domestic Violence Looks Like: Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

If you need evidence that female-on-male domestic violence happens, look no further than the famous case of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.  We’ve covered how we always knew Amber Heard was guilty. But this time, we will focus on the domestic violence aspect of the case. Both sides of the fight accused each other. …

nurse pushing a patient on a wheelchair

Is There A Difference Between Coercive Control And Narcissism?

So far, we’ve spoken about Coercive Control but never brought up Narcissism and attempted to compare the two. When we discussed Rowan Baxter in our first post on the Hannah Clarke case, we referenced Nikki Brooks, Hannah’s best friend, who mentioned on the Hannah’s Story podcast that the wife killer was a narcissist. We didn’t …

smiling woman in jean jacket and dress

Let’s Talk About Coercive Control: Comments About How To Dress

What many people won’t realise is that when an intimate partner starts to comment on how one should dress, it is a form of coercive control. While it is a large part of female domestic violence cases, it does happen to men, too. As per Mamamia, an abusive partner will criticise the clothing choices of …

a couple looking at each other

Why The Believe All Women Narrative Doesn’t Work

The philosophy of “Believe All Women” is a scam to abolish the patriarchy. While it’s more than okay to want the female populace leading the charge, what about the belief of “Believe Victims”? Domestic, Family and Sexual violence doesn’t affect only the female sex, but the men of this world too. Believe All Women wants …

Amirah Droudis, domestic violence

Indirectly Killing The Ex-Wife: Should A Man Brainwashing His Lover To Murder His Ex Be Classified As Domestic Violence?

Man Haron Monis, a notorious figure in a 2013 domestic violence case, is believed to have brainwashed his partner, Amirah Droudis, into killing his ex-wife, Noleen Hayson Pal. Although Droudis had no prior criminal record, Monis’ coercive control led her to commit the crime.

a person forming a fist with threat

What Domestic Violence Professionals Won’t Say About Men

Domestic violence does not discriminate. While most victims are women, male DV victims are often left out of the conversation entirely. While some men do think hurting female partners makes them strong, others do not believe the same and do not have violent bones in their bodies. Since the death of water polo coach Lili …

Elizabeth Richardson, Sarah Lack, domestic violence

An Early Killing: The Domestic Violence Murder Of Elizabeth Richardson And Sarah Sophia Lack

Domestic violence is not a new concept. It has been around since the dawn of time. As we begin our coverage of domestic violence in the Macarthur region, we wanted to highlight one of the earliest inmate partner violence murders in the area, which involved James Richardson and the murders of his wife, Elizabeth Richardson, …

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Support Networks For Male Domestic Violence Victims

Male domestic violence support is frighteningly difficult to find. When you Google the topic, you must search for the exact words. Otherwise, it comes up with the female domestic violence services. In this Spartan Initiative post, we’re going to cover the amazing support networks for male domestic violence victims. We’re also going to include links …

Amber Heard, Aquaman 2

Why Wasn’t Amber Heard Fired From Aquaman 2?

Amber Heard is a domestic abuser and a liar who can’t keep her stories straight.  She admitted on video that no one would believe her then-husband Johnny Depp, because he was a man. However, when people started believing him over her, she defamed him by writing a not-so-subtle op-ed. She also used tactics to make …

Luke Batty

The Death Of Luke Batty

It’s February 12 2014. 11-year-old Luke Batty was at the Tyabb Cricket Ground in Melbourne when his father, Greg Anderson, showed up unannounced. Isolating his son in the cricket nets, Anderson would bash Luke with a cricket bat and then proceed to stab him to death. The only witness? A young boy who ran to …

Darren Reid, Kate Stone

The Scary Comparison: Darren Reid Was Doused In Petrol By His Female Partner

Darren Reid was fearful his life was in danger. In December 2016, his life ended when his partner, Kate Stone, the mother of his children, doused him in enamel thinner. 95% of his body was burned. He was taken to the Alfred Hospital, where he died, as per The Age newspaper. Kate Stone claimed that …

Lisa Harnum, domestic violence, Simon Gittany

The Balcony Fall: Breaking Down The Lisa Harnum Case

The death of Lisa Harnum at the hands of Simon Gittany in July 2011 gave the Australian media permission to talk more openly about domestic violence. As Amy Dale, author of The Fall and the former chief court reporter for The Daily Telegraph, explained in a 2020 episode of the Australian True Crime podcast, until …

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What Is The Duluth Model?

How far does a man, distressed from being tortured by their female partner, have to go to get help before it turns deadly? Well, a widely recognised framework known as the Duluth Model wants the world to believe that only women can be domestic violence victims. The average person wouldn’t know what the Duluth Model …

Candace Owens, emotional abuse

Candace Owens’ Video About Meghan Markle’s Emotional Abuse Of Prince Harry Goes Viral

Candace Owens is not a woman you want to mess with. In a clip from her podcast regarding the Harry and Meghan Netflix show, Candace Owens brings up that Meghan Markle is emotionally abusive towards her husband. She uses his dead mother to control him. This is coercive control. There are many forms of abuse …

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