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Meghan Thought Harry Was Uber Rich! – OPINION

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Anyone who has been following the trainwreck mentality of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will know that all they care about is money. There is no denying that. But, for two people who have had everything handed to them their entire lives, they sure are dense to how others feel.

Okay, let’s backtrack for a second. Meghan loves money; we know this. The New York Post published a ‘short story’ on their website regarding Revenge author Tom Bower’s comment on what the former actress, turned professional victim, thought she would be getting when she started dating her immature prince, turned henpecked husband.

Bower said:

Her great surprise and disappointment was that Prince Harry had very little money.

Tom Bower, Author Of Revenge

Tom Bower Knows What He’s Talking About, As Does Lizzy Cundy

Tom Bower would not be saying any of this unless he had proof. He knows how litigious the Sussexes are and wouldn’t risk his career based on speculation. If there is one person I would trust, it’s Tom. His book was on fire and exposed a ton of stuff that Meghan and Harry wouldn’t want out in the open, like what some of the prince’s friends thought of the actress who criticised them.

Lizzy Cundy always said that Meghan wanted a wealthy husband. I believe that Meghan thought that Harry would be dripping in money, unaware that the billions the British royals have it’s not all for personal leisure. It’s to pay staff, pay bills, allow upkeep on the various royal residences, etc.

Anyone with a brain should be able to work that out. However, I can see Meghan believing that the staff or “servants”, as she probably thought they were, get paid nothing to work and that all the money was for personal gain. Sorry, but no, Meghan.

Catherine Doesn’t Treat Her Staff Dirt

Unlike you, Meghan, your in-laws treat their staff like human beings. You’re jealous that the team you and H shared with the dreaded Wills and Kate liked them more than you. Try treating people with respect. Just because you’re “The Duchess” doesn’t make you unique. Camilla and Catherine were also duchesses at one point, and they never treated their staff like shit.

No reports ever came out about either of them being obsessed tyrants. On the contrary, Catherine treats her staff like family. Also, Megs, you played favourites where you said that only your staff were allowed ice cream from the ice cream van. Why did a dozen people jump ship if you were such a great boss? What makes you so unique that you don’t deserve criticism?

Also, money doesn’t grow on trees. Harry had money from his two inheritances from Diana and his great-granny, The Queen Mother, which he denies, but it’s public knowledge that he got more from her than William because Harry would need it more.

Hi, Meghan!

Meghan, I know you’re probably reading this. You’re trolling social media, and you’re not fooling anyone.

I took this screenshot a few weeks ago. This account has many more followers now, but it has long been rumoured that this is Meghan’s new Instagram account. She did say in The Cut interview that she would return to Insta. However, everything that emerges from Markle’s mouth is usually an empty threat. Her lawsuits don’t usually go her way, and she’s presented as a lawyer. Look at how she won a single pound and was denounced as a perjurer when Jason Knauf showed the emails she once claimed self-deleted.

The Rumours And Fashion Travesty

According to rumours, the Instagram account above originally had an unseen photo of baby-faced Meghan long before her constant facelifts. Still, it was later changed to the flowers in the screenshot. For a woman who claims she doesn’t read about herself, she sure knows a lot about what is being said about her.

After all, why would there be Tweets in the Netflix series if Meghan and Harry weren’t on social media, spying on what is being said about them? Tom Bower also said they were obsessed with looking themselves up online. Money can’t buy class. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Meghan is so busy thinking about her next over-the-top fashion shoot that she cannot stop and think about the larger picture. She has no care in the world for Harry’s feelings, and how stretched, they are for money and thinks wearing cheap clothing and accessories is tacky. Sure, she wore a cheap dress once. But it doesn’t mean she’s thrifty. It means she’s desperate to prove a narrative floating around in the ethos isn’t true when it probably is true.

Money Needs To Be Earned

Money is something that has to be earned. Meghan thought that because she married a prince, it meant she was set for the rest of her life. Then when she and Harry left the UK, it suddenly hit that they would have worked if they were to maintain the independent freedom they claimed to have wanted. However, when Charles told them that he would no longer be funding them, it suddenly became apparent that her free life wasn’t so free after all.

In conclusion, Meghan knows she is not talented, but her narcissism is too blind for her accept. She needed Harry to marry her just as Suits was finishing because she had nothing else lined up.

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