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Nico, Mason
Animated Film and Television

Welcome To Berk, Mason And Nico! Hiccup and Astrid Cast For How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Film

It’s official, our fellow Berkians! We know who will play Hiccup and Astrid in the upcoming live-action How to Train Your Dragon. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Nico Parker (The Last of Us) and Mason Thames (The Black Phone) will play our favourite Viking partners in the upcoming film. Mason will play Hiccup, while Nico …

Snoopy, characters
Animated Film and Television

Snoopy Characters

Snoopy is the world’s most famous beagle who is ultra bright. The characters within the world of Peanuts are intriguing, so let’s take a look at who is among Snoopy’s nearest and dearest. An array of human, leading and supporting characters and animal characters are in the same vote. Also, most of the characters mentioned …