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Does Prince Harry Blame Kate Middleton For His Failing Relationship With Prince William? – OPINION

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Once upon a time, Princes William and Harry were bonded over the death of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Nothing seemed to break them apart, even when Kate Middleton joined the family on 29th April 2011, when she became Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She displayed great admiration and respect for her brother-in-law, not just due to her tight relationship with her brother, James Middleton, but because she was raised to be decent.

Harry seemed to have a great relationship with Kate and had a mutual love and respect for her. In a 2017 interview, he said she was “the big sister I never had.” However, since his marriage to Meghan Markle, Harry’s opinion of Catherine has severely changed and, therefore, suffered.  

In his recently released memoir, Spare, he casts Kate negatively. Essentially, he threw her to the wolves. He blames her for his failing relationship with William. However, the question I wanted to ask is, did he always feel this way? Was it an act he was putting on to please his brother?

Not The Smartest

Harry has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. He cheated to pass high school and got into Sandhurst Military Academy based on his grandmother being The Queen, not because of his smarts. In his memoir, he was even stupid enough to reveal his alleged kill count of enemy soldiers. He even revealed that he tried to kill his father by directing a fighter jet to target his car during a training exercise.

The Taliban has vowed to get even with him. Also, if this were Henry VIII’s time, Harry would be found guilty of treason for trying to kill his dad, and we all know what would happen. Furthermore, he believes his “I almost murdered my father” statement was a joke. There is nothing funny about trying to off the future king.

Were Harry’s Feelings Towards Kate Fake?

Whether Harry’s feelings towards Kate in Spare are accurate, we also don’t know. We also don’t know whether his sentiments towards her were genuine before Meghan. We can only speculate how he truly felt about having Catherine “steal” William from him.

Given his lifelong mental health challenges, Harry might’ve loved Catherine one second but despised her the next. I think he felt excluded because of the prominent role the then-Cambridges played in the monarchy. They were making a change in society, and he wasn’t. He was essentially invisible. Though I think he was envious of his brother’s role as the future king, he still hasn’t gotten over being the spare, hence why he called his memoir “Spare.” He thought that by leaving his family, people would applaud him for it and give him the same accolades as William.

People applauded Harry for leaving and doing his own thing for a while. But to be successful, he had to drag his family through the mud, and he did so for the cash and because he wanted to make his wife happy. She hated not being at the top of the pyramid, a place Kate would someday be. This was when his view of Catherine changed. Instead of seeing her as the fabulous and fun person she is, he blamed her for not liking Meghan. Boy, women see through each other for what they are. Many men are often too obtuse to see through the bile. All they see is a beautiful woman. They don’t think about what they could be capable of.

Catherine Is Not The Villain Of This Piece

Harry seems to have forgotten what an incredible woman Catherine is. She didn’t exclude him whenever she went on engagements with William, where they were the awesome threesome. The drugs he has taken over the last six years have given him a massive gap in his memory as the three of them founded Heads Together, and he credited William for helping him through his grief of losing their mother. Moreover, this has changed from his brother to his wife. Kate wanted to create a forum for people with mental health challenges as she saw her brother, James, face issues. William and Harry agree to join her as it is a topic they are also passionate about.

It is also incredibly childish of Harry to think that William, who had two toddlers and a newborn at home by the time May 2018 rolled around, would drop everything and spend the night before the Sussex wedding with his brother. Things changed after George was born, and Harry knew this. But he expected William to do for him what he [Harry] did in 2011 when there were no kids in the picture.

In my opinion, Meghan pushed Harry to be selfish and petty when his brother told him “no.” William is not the type of man to abandon his wife, who has just a baby and two toddlers, to please his younger, immature brother. His family comes first, and Harry didn’t want to accept that William’s priorities were not the same as in 2011 before he married Kate.

Harry Despises George, Charlotte And Louis For Being Born?

Did Harry envy Kate for giving William three children who pushed him off his brother’s list of priorities? Yeah, I can believe that, though I cannot be sure where it aligns with the truth of his feelings. Does Harry resent the kids for being born at all and taking up William’s time? Possibly. As horrible as that prospect is, Harry does not want to accept that his brother is growing in his life. He [William] was learning to be a husband and father and wouldn’t always have time for his younger sibling. That’s what happens when you get older. Harry’s mind is forever trapped in his head as that same 12-year-old boy who walked behind his mother’s coffin. He wanted his brother to follow him around when he married Meghan, but William isn’t someone who can’t let go of the past. He’s mature and has his priorities straight.

Harry’s resentment and bitterness towards William and Kate came out when Meghan amplified him to show how he feels. We know they’re both talentless hacks, and this is not my opinion, though I agree with the sentiment. Hollywood executives have stated this. Bill Simmons, an executive at Spotify with a podcast on the platform, started the conversation, and it has continued to trickle out. Even a talent agent, Jeremy Zimmer, said the same thing Simmons did.

It is incredibly possible that the palace asked Harry to prop Catherine up to please William, but I doubt this. This is due to how hard Kate works and how supportive she is of her husband and children.

The Positive Influence Kate Has On William

Catherine is the shining beacon that William desperately needs in his life. She helped salvage his relationships with both Charles and Camilla. If Meghan was the good-doer she portrayed herself as, she would have nurtured her husband’s relationships with his family, not told him they were him holding back and were toxic. Kate also has an extremely close relationship with her own family. She is close to her parents, Michael and Carole and her siblings, Pippa and James and their spouses.

Mike and Carole treat William like one of their own. This is what he has always craved.  He didn’t want to associate with people who only wanted to know him because he was the future king. Harry, however, has no relationship with his in-laws. He’s never met them except his mother-in-law, Doria Ragland. He only goes off what Meghan has told him about her dad and half-siblings, claiming Thomas Senior abused her and that she hasn’t got siblings. If she were an only child, how does she have a niece that is blood-rated to her? She doesn’t get along with Tom Jr and Samantha because they’re not rich and the polar opposite of who she is.

Is it possible that Harry saw how happy being around the Middletons made William, and he felt ostracised? Yeah, I can see that too.

Meghan’s Whine Fest

The Middletons were always welcoming to Harry too. Why else would Harry be invited to Pippa’s wedding? If Meghan had her way, the 2018 wedding would have been a networking event with only people she wanted to mingle with. However, she didn’t get this entirely, as it would have looked odd to have only her people there and not Harry’s. Though it was bizarre, her mother was the only person from her family who attended.

Oh, and Meghan can whine all she wants that the palace blocked her from inviting her niece, Ashleigh, but we all know that Markle only got back in contact with her after she returned to the United States.

She’s manipulating Ashleigh. Meghan doesn’t care about her. There are even rumours everywhere that the niece was the surrogate for Lilibet. I’ve said before that I’m on the fence about the surrogate/fake kids thing, as I can see evidence for the pros and cons. However, that is not what we’re here to discuss.

William May Question His Brother’s True Feelings Towards His Family

If there is a divorce between the Sussexes, it will be devastating for Harry, but the most challenging part will lay with William. He will never be able to trust his brother or believe anything from his mouth. Moreover, he will question whether Harry always felt like this about him. Kate. The children. Even their father and stepmother. Did he feel the same contempt for everyone else in their family?

There is one thing we know about Harry; it’s that he cannot hide his emotions. Meghan can, but he cannot. William is fiercely protective of Kate, and Harry knows this. When Meghan was dragging Catherine through the mud on Oprah’s show, Harry didn’t care. He was too cowardly to step in and point out that their sister-in-law has been nothing but gracious to them.

No One Messes With Kate And The Women In Her Family

Meanwhile, Catherine had every right to be defensive. Meghan mocked her, saying she had “baby brain” after Louis was born. Then there was the bullying of Charlotte, and the tantrum Meghan threw about not being invited to Pippa’s wedding. I could include a whole list of things. But I won’t subject my readers to hearing about Markle’s vendetta against the future Queen consort. It all stems from jealousy. That’s all it is.  Meghan wants what Catherine has, while Harry wants what William does. Still, his quest finds him marrying a callous woman obsessed with herself and playing make-believe humanitarian and victim (thanks for putting that out, South Park) to care about anyone else.

Meghan never wanted to be a royal. She never cared about Harry or their two innocent children. She tried to beat Kate at her own game and be more loved. Guess who won that battle? Yep, Catherine did. Why? Because she doesn’t complain about how badly the press treated her or her family. She proves she’s right for the job by getting on with the work.

There Is No Proof That William Cheated On Catherine

I sound like a broken record having to repeat this. Still, Harry was recovering fine from his childhood trauma with William and Kate’s assistance before Meghan started pulling at his todger. The Waleses have repeatedly proven that they’re a well-oiled machine that functions on planning, love and commitment. The Sussexes can claim that the Prince and Princess of Wales married because they weren’t in love, but what man doesn’t look at his wife like William did at Catherine in their tenth-anniversary photos?

When those photos came out, it was so clear that there was no affair. Also, why would Kate’s sister, Pippa, name her second daughter Rose if there was a forbidden liaison between William and Rose Hanbury? Pippa wouldn’t do that to her sister. Furthermore, one of Rose’s sons was a page at the King’s coronation. If there was a problem between Lord Oliver and Prince George’s parents, wouldn’t it have been less problematic not to include one of the boys?

Also, Oliver’s father works for the King. Giles Coren, who put the rumour out there, said he got drunk one night and published the tweet as a JOKE. He even confirmed it was a joke in a newspaper column he wrote. It is believed that he was at a meal with Sussexes, and it came up in conversation. I don’t know how true this is; frankly, I’m tired of repeating myself here too.

Giles Coren The Crap Stirrer

Moreover, Giles Coren is a regular on the Soho House scene. He had lunch with the Sussexes at the Amsterdam Soho House. Then, a day later, he put out the tweet that sparked the affair rumour. I’ve previously speculated that Harry could’ve wanted Rose, not William. After all, Rose and Harry were seated together at a State Banquet in 2017, the year Harry would be engaged to Meghan.

If there is one thing I have learned from my time reporting on the Sussex soap opera, they’ve opened my eyes to how counter-press relations are done. Perhaps, when Meghan wasn’t getting what she wanted, attention from William, she decided the best thing she could do, was uproot his marriage to Catherine because she [Kate] was an obstacle. However, she realised he saw how ungenuine she was, so she turned Harry against his brother by whispering sweet nothings or dripping her poisonous thoughts into his ear.

The Children’s Princess Vs. The Children’s Curse

The one thing that Catherine has that Meghan does not do is goodwill from the people. The world loves her because she gives anything a try. Children flock to her like puppies to their favourite humans. Kids repel from Markle. There was video footage where Meghan tried to force a child to interact with her, knowing there was a camera on her, but the kid wanted none of it.

Catherine is a wholesome woman who knows her role. She embraces it. This is what Harry thought he was getting with Meghan. However, it was an act. Harry thought Meghan would be like their sister-in-law and blamed Kate for being fake and that Markle was the true blue woman. How is that fair on Catherine? She has never changed who she is for any man, let alone William.

William loves Catherine for the genuine, honest, steely woman she has always been in public and private. Meghan has two sides to her personality. The first is the honest-to-god monster that resides behind closed doors and the sweet and kind version in public. Harry can only see the false persona because she’s using every tactic to keep him sedated and under her control. One example is when he looked genuinely miserable when he walked up on stage during the opening of the Invictus Games last year and had to kiss her while she was dressed like his mother. This is one of the creepiest things I have ever witnessed.

Subtle Signs Of Deep Love

Catherine and William rarely display PDA when they’re on engagement. However, there are times when William will put a hand on his wife’s back as a show of support, and we’ve all seen those adoring looks they’ve given each other at high-profile events.

Kate also supports William, and he does the same for her. We’ve all seen how she has attended every Earthshot Prize since its inception. Harry, meanwhile, will show up for Meghan, but she doesn’t show him the same courtesy. What wife does that to her husband?

Finally, I wanted to give my opinion on what Harry feels towards Catherine. For a short while, I believed he had a secret crush on her. Therefore, he thought that his choice of bride would have to be the same temperament. Did he act on his feelings for Kate if this is true? No. I’m merely speculating on what I think was going on.

So, Harry had a standard and held every woman to it, but when he became apparent about it, all his other girlfriends jumped ship due to his paranoia. However, when Meghan came on the scene, she exploits his standard and threw herself into being Catherine-esque, but not being like her and being more like Diana because we all know how obsessed she and Harry are with his late mother.

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