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Hollywood Is Trying To Please The Woke Crowd. It’s Failing And It’s Showing – OPINION

Hollywood is failing. We’re into month three of the writer’s strike and two months into the actor’s strike. However, woke culture plays a prominent role in this disastrous downfall. It gives off so many ick-factor vibes. So, the downfall of Hollywood has to have been going on well before the pandemic. Projects were beginning to …

Flash Thompson
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Who Is Flash Thompson In The Tom Holland Spider-Man Trilogy In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Eugenie “Flash” Thompson is the school bully at Midtown School of Science and Technology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His frequent targets are Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, though he profoundly loves Parker’s superhero alter ego Spider-Man. Played by Tony Revolori, Flash is more than just a background character. He plays a recurring role in …