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Camp Half-Blood Questions
Percy Jackson

6 Camp Half-Blood Questions

Who doesn’t love the idea of there being a million and one questions about Camp Half-Blood? In this post, we’ll review six enquiries we found in our Google Search Console results. If we find more Camp Half-Blood questions later, we’ll write another post. 1. Which Cabin Is Annabeth In? Our favourite demigoddess, Annabeth Chase, is …

tyche cabin, percy jackson
Percy Jackson

The Inhabitants Of The Tyche Cabin

Did you know that after The Last Olympian, eight additional cabins were constructed at Camp Half-Blood on Percy Jackson’s orders? After he denies godhood to Zeus, Percy demands that the gods start claiming and acknowledging their children to avoid demigods feeling abandoned the way Luke Castellan did by Hermes. One of the goddesses who got …

Nancy Bobofit, Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson

Who Is Nancy Bobofit In Percy Jackson?

Before Clarisse Le Rue becomes Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-Blood bully, meet Nancy Bobofit, his sixth-grade bully. Nancy Bobofit only appears in the first couple of chapters. This is while Percy Jackson and his best friend, Grover Underwood, are at Yancy Academy. Percy describes Bobofit as a kleptomaniac who likes throwing peanut butter ketchup sandwiches at …