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Tracy, Allison

Is This What It Has Gotten To When It Comes To Female Journalists Who Appear To Not Play Nice?

The media loves stirring up narratives that aren’t there. A Current Affair host, Tracy Grimshaw, recently left her post after 17 years at the desk. At her farewell, she reportedly snubbed her replacement, Today Show host Allison Langdon, by not hugging her as she left. As expected, the press went crazy, calling it a ‘snub.’ …


Biased Sussex Squaddie Omid Scobie Ridicules Prince Louis For Being A Literal Child

Chief Sussex Squaddie, Omid Scobie, is piling on the hate – It doesn’t take long for the leader of Harry and Meghan’s rabid fanbase, Omid Scobie, to heap his garage on the true royals. The man, whom Megxiteers refer to as Plastic Man or the Ken doll due to his plastic-looking face, is now bullying …