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Which Is it, Harry? Did You Get Therapy? Or Didn’t You?


Did Prince Harry get therapy, or didn’t he? That is the million-dollar question. After telling Oprah Winfrey that he was ashamed and didn’t know how to get pregnant wife, Meghan Markle, help when she was having alleged suicidal thoughts with their son, Archie, to saying at a BetterUp panel that he’s never had therapy and that his family doesn’t talk about their problems.

However, as mentioned in the previous article on Harry’s delusions, we know that William got him into therapy, as the prince [Harry] says in a 2017 interview. Also, Royal Daily Tea mentions that the Prince of Wales was concerned about his brother and asked to go to therapy with him as he thought the therapist was brainwashing him.

RDT also mentions that Neil Sean alleges that during the interviews that he did to promote Spare, Harry had his therapist with him. The question is, why? Michelle (RDT) makes a good point; wouldn’t you have your publicist or press people there? It does not make sense.

What Happened To Meghan Not Being Allowed To Go To Therapy?

So, why didn’t Harry recruit his therapist to help Meghan when she was suicidal? It does NOT make sense in any sense. William had every right to be concerned about the therapist Harry was seeing. It comes across in the Netflix docuseries too.

They have a guidance therapist tell them to tune out all the negativity over the phone. Meghan was touching Harry’s leg, sitting in Lotus yoga positions and whatnot. That is not what an average therapist would do. This is like The Me You Can’t See, where Harry had to cross his arms and tap himself.

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