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Steffy, Brooke, Thomas, Hope
The Bold And The Beautiful

Does Steffy Have A Right To Be Concerned About Thope’s Relationship?

Steffy Forrester has every right to be worried about her brother, Thomas Forrester’s relationship with Brooke Logan‘s daughter, Hope Logan. Brooke is also concerned but for a different reason. What makes it difficult is the history between Hope, Thomas, Steffy and Brooke. Steffy loves her brother. Brooke adores her daughters. Thomas and Hope? Well, that’s …

Thomas, Hope
The Bold And The Beautiful

The Current Bold And The Beautiful Storyline Is To Put Thomas On A Pedastal While Throwing Hope Under The Bus – OPINION

Hope Logan is not like her mother, Brooke. However, the latest storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful seems to erase everything she is and throws her under the bus. Meanwhile, Thomas Forrester is propped onto a pedestal, erasing everything he has ever done. She is not saying anything about Phoebe Forrester II being Beth …

The Bold And The Beautiful

Stop Using The Same Buzzwords, Steffy + Thomas!

The offspring of Ridge “Freaking” Forrester are as fickle as they are entitled. Steffy is his favourite. Thomas takes second place. What has been annoying about the recent “Let’s ruin Bridge’s marriage” storyline is the constant use of the same buzzwords every time they appear. But, as annoying as it is, this is just the …

The Bold And The Beautiful

The Method, Madness And Backpedalling Of One Ridge Forrester, Oh And Thomas Hasn’t Changed

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about The Bold and the Beautiful. First, there is true madness regarding Ridge Forrester and his constant need to flip-flop between his two lady loves, Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan. This week’s episodes have shown how full of himself the fashion designer is and how he refuses to …