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All The Rumours And Stories About Lili And Archie

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DO NOT TAKE THIS POST AS FACTUAL. We wanted to address the rumours about Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor that they’re all over social media. The one thing that we do NOT condone is inappropriate talk about anyone’s children. They are innocent individuals who cannot help the endless vitriol from their parents towards both sides of their family. However, the rumours need to be debunked where possible.

This is NOT a post where Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana are being mocked in any way, shape or form. Also, we know people saying that the children do not exist. We have opinions on that, but we won’t address that here. Also, this post does not reflect our own opinion.

1. Does Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor Have Some Kind Of Disability?

There is speculation that Archie Harrison has panic attacks. There is NO proof of this, though there is one picture of Meghan, Archie and Doria where the child looks ready to cry like he’s been dragged into the Zoom call after waking from a nap.

The Reddit post, which dates back to a year ago, mentions the “panic attacks,” and theorises this rumour comes from two alleged investigations that were going on with the Palace, with the intel coming from BarkJack_ on Twitter, who usually post accurate information. The other two options for the topic of the investigations include the rumours of surrogacy or the bullying report.

If the investigations are about Archie Harrison and his panic attacks, it would back up what Thomas Markle Jr said years ago about not leaving Meghan alone with children.

For more on this rumour, please use the link provided above.

2. Meghan And Harry Hit The Roof When Lilibet Diana Was Not Born With Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes Like Granny Diana

There is a rumour that the Sussexes went through either surrogacy or selective IVF and were horrified when Lilibet Diana did not have the same blonde hair and blue eyes as Diana. We could not find where this RUMOUR came from. We don’t know Lilibet’s hair or eye colour due to the constant photoshopping.

3. Both Children Are Not Harry And/Or Meghan’s

One of the most prominent rumours is that Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana are not Prince Harry and/or Meghan Markle’s children. We have no proof that these children are not the Sussexes’. Yes, their birth certificates are a bit strange. But we need to stress this. If the children did not exist or were not Harry and Meghan’s, they would not be in the line of succession. There is no way the late Queen would have allowed two children, not of Harry and Meghan’s blood, into the line of succession.

The Queen was not a stupid woman. She saw through Meghan from the beginning. There would have to be legitimate proof of life before they were put in the line of succession. Lilibet took a while to be placed on the list; if you look at Lucas Tindall, he was put on the list as soon as he was born.

4. Lilibet Diana’s Name Is Actually Diana Mary Mountbatten-Windsor

A while ago, we did a post on the information we found regarding Lilibet’s birth. However, after much reflection and as stated at the bottom of the House of Brat Tumblr page, you can punch in whatever combination of the name, and it will come up as having an available birth certificate on Vital Chek. However, this rumour doesn’t quite go away, as a domain is registered as ‘’, according to Go Daddy Australia.

The surname Mountbatten-Windsor is not a common last name anywhere in the world, let alone in the United States. The only individuals in the US that have that name are Harry, Archie and Lilibet. Whatever the case, there’s likely a cover-up of some description. Meghan knows how to make a situation worse than it is. We’ll do a post on this later.

5. The Surrogates Refused To Hand Over The Kids

Again, this is not about determining whether Archie and Lili were born via surrogate. This is about the rumours that have popped up. One such rumour is that the Sussexes’ surrogates refused to hand over the children.

There is no proof of this. If there were a custody fight over the kids between Harry, Meghan and the surrogates, it would be court filings.

6. Archie And Lili Are Child Actors

Okay, this second-last one is possible, yet this is just a rumour. Photos are floating around that compare ‘Archie’ to a little boy named ‘Gavin’, the son of one of Meghan’s friends, Brynn Gingras. There is also a photo of ‘Lili’ being compared to a little girl called ‘Harford’, the daughter of a woman named Stassi Schroeder, who is also friends with Meghan.

Now, Stassi debunks this rumour on her podcast (about the 36-minute mark). Also, comments on the Reddit post where we found Stassi’s podcast episode say that Stassi would never participate in faking a child’s existence.

Stassi has never come out to defend Meghan for anything, and as far as we can find, she did not attend the wedding in 2018. However, it has been said that Stassi was criticised for calling the police on one of her former Vanderpump Rules costars for a crime she never committed. Faith Stowers, Stassi’s former costar, is a black lady, someone Meghan is supposed to be a champion for.

As someone said on Reddit, Meghan cut Jessica Mulroney for far less.

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