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Chronicles of Harkle

Meghan Doesn’t Appear To Understand That Her ‘Limited Edition’ Jam Isn’t Special – OPINION

Meghan Markle doesn’t understand that no one cares about her jam. She’s reportedly upset that her beloved and non-existent brand, “American Riviera Orchard” is being criticised. She believes it is “unfair criticism” that ARO is getting. Girl, no one gives two effs about your stupid commercial venture. You’re grossly unpopular due to your family-hating values …

Chronicles of Harkle

Will We Finally Get Proper Legitimate Photos Of Archie And Lilibet? The Media Has Finally Picked Up On The Photoshopped Christening Photo – OPINION

I don’t usually like talking about the royal children in any capacity, titled or not. However, Richard Eden of the Daily Mail just released an article which reveals that Meghan has had photos taken of Archie and Lilibet. According to Richard, the photos of the Sussex children were taken by Jake Rosenberg. For those mightn’t …


#IStandWithCatherine – OPINION

People are not buying the conspiracies regarding Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The #IStandWithCatherine hashtag has trended on and off for a while. It shows how much the world loves the future Queen. In the age of social media and a toxic press culture, the conspiracies have only gotten louder and are trying to silence …

Chronicles of Harkle

Harry Is Crying That He Is Being Left Out Of Future Royal Plans – He Should Have Thought About That When He Left! – OPINON

Prince Harry is now whining that he’s been left out of planning future royal events. Boohoo! He should have thought of that when he decided to drop his life for Meghan’s in California. This story is courtesy of the Daily Express. The story comes as The King battles cancer, and his aides are beginning to …

TigTots launch, Stolen Stories
Chronicles of Harkle

PLAYTIME! What Stories Could Meghan Markle Steal If She Launches TigTots? – OPINION

We all know that Meghan Markle might be relaunching The Tig with a parenting component, TigTots, which, as someone pointed out on Twitter, sounds like TaterTots. Anyway, there was a great comment by Andi’s Mom, who said that Meghan has stolen stories before, and she’s right. What could Meghan possibly write about on TigTots during …