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Sasappis, Thorfinn

Ghostin’ At The Woodstone: A Look Back At Thorfinn & Sasappis

We love Thorfinn and Sasappis! In our previous edition of Ghostin’ at the Woodstone, we spoke about Samantha and Jay. Now, we’re talking about the two oldest ghosts at the mansion; the Viking and herring-loving Thorfinn and junk-food-loving Lenape, Sasappis. So, Thor and Sas might have been around longer than any of the other ghosts. …


‘Fam’ Is Everything To Clem…Oh, And Her Dad’s Alive… Did We Mention Nina Dobrev Shines?

Nina Dobrev is back on the small screen and she’s taking on a role unlike anything she has ever done before. She plays Clem, a newly engaged woman who thinks her family is perfect until her half-sister and their dad show up…