Elseworlds: Promo Clip Reveals Lois Lane Is No Stranger To Superheroes

Lois Lane is no stranger when it comes to superheroes. She’s the girlfriend of Clark Kent and friends with her boyfriend’s cousin, Kara. When Barry and Oliver pay Supergirl a visit, the Daily Planet journalist doesn’t batter an eyelash.

A big week ahead for the Arrowverse as the franchise gears up for the annual crossover. This year’s event, The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl team up to stop Doctor John Deegan. Coming along for the ride is Lois Lane is no stranger to the superhero life.

A recent promo clip has dropped showing that Lois is no stranger to superheroes. Inside the barn at the Kent family farm, she’s confronted by Barry and Oliver. To make it even more awkward, she threatens them with a hammer. Here’s where things make sense. She doesn’t appear surprised when Kara uses her speed to stand between her and the newcomers.

The Daily Planet reporter isn’t surprised when her boyfriend’s alter ego, Superman is mentioned. Also, she looks amused when Oliver’s hand begins vibrating. As the Planet’s leading reporter, it makes sense she wouldn’t be freaked out. Also, the promo image of Clark suited up with Lois is a dead giveaway that she’s aware of his dual identity.

Meet Lois “No Stranger” Lane

When Lois is first mentioned during Clark’s appearances in Supergirl Season 2, fans wondered if the eldest Lane sister knew about her boyfriend being Superman. It appears the Elseworld’s crossover confirms it, but we won’t know for sure until Hour One of Elseworlds airs with The Flash.

It will be interesting how much of a role Lois will play. It’s rumoured she’ll only appear in two parts of the crossover. Though, it’s the Arrowverse and nothing goes to plan for our heroes.

While we wait for Hour One to air, here’s the clip that caught my attention:

Lois Lane will first appear in Hour One of the Elseworlds crossover airing in about 18 hours on The CW.

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