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Charles III

King Charles III: The King Winning People’s Hearts

King Charles III is not an unpopular king. Nor is he popular. However, he is winning the hearts of the British people. Since the announcement of his cancer diagnosis in February 2024, the British nation has rallied around not just His Majesty, but the entire royal family. This includes his beloved daughter-in-law, Catherine, the Princess …

King Charles books
Book Haven

Books About King Charles III

When you’re King Charles III, you tend to have many books written. Given that we write about books regularly, we’re going to list many books written about the current monarch of the United Kingdom. It’s fitting as we’re trying to expand our Book Haven section. We’ve already written lists of books about King Charles III’s …

Operation Paget, Spencer siblings

Breaking Down Operation Paget – Part Four – Allegations Against Diana’s Family

Mohamed Al-Fayed took shots during the Operation Paget inquiry at the Spencer siblings and mother, claiming that one of Diana’s sisters and their mother, along with then-Prince Charles and Prince Philip, were involved in “getting rid” of the princess. We’ve stated this before in earlier sections, but Mohamed was looking for someone to blame. He …

Prince Harry Security, Meghan Markle
Chronicles of Harkle

BOOHOO! Prince Harry Claims He And Meghan Markle Were FORCED To Leave Royal Family And That He Wants His Security Back For Her And Their Children – OPINION

Prince Harry doesn’t need taxpayer-funded security. He is not more important than his brother, the future king and their father, the literal King of England—Oy vey. I’ve been limiting how much I write about the Sussexes now because it’s the same BS over and over again. I don’t want Project Fangirl to be just about …

British Royals, Israel-Hamas

The British Royals (Including The Sussexes) Put Out Statements On The Israel-Hamas Conflict

The British royals have published statements on the Israel-Hamas conflict just days after King Abdullah II of Jordan and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands posted theirs. Oli London reported that King Charles is “extremely concerned” about the Israel-Hamas conflict. Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine, have issued their …