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Emma Roberts Book Recommendations
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Book Recommendations By Emma Roberts

When you think of actress Emma Roberts, your mind doesn’t immediately go to book recommendations. She and her best friend started Belletrist, a book club, which has since evolved into a production company which has adapted two books to the screen. See our celebrity book club for more on that. In this post, we will …

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Book Clubs pt. 3 – Famous People

Books clubs wouldn’t be complete without famous people. We’ve found a ton of celebrities who have their own book clubs. Some have been around for years, while others have only recently launched. Now, some of the ones we’ve found are probably doing it for attention and don’t have any association with reading whereas others do. …


#IStandWithCatherine – OPINION

People are not buying the conspiracies regarding Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The #IStandWithCatherine hashtag has trended on and off for a while. It shows how much the world loves the future Queen. In the age of social media and a toxic press culture, the conspiracies have only gotten louder and are trying to silence …

Elisabeth Donaldson

Who Is Elisabeth Donaldson?

We’re doing a second profile after we did one on Simone De Alba. This time, we’re doing one on American actress Elisabeth Donaldson after her name came up in our Google Search Console results. Whoever typed in the search result was likely looking for Queen Mary of Denmark, as her full name is Mary Elizabeth …

Simone De Alba

Who Is Simone De Alba?

Simone De Alba is a journalist working in Texas. She has been involved in reporting on. Texan politics and is an Emmy award winner. She came up in our Google Search Console results, which asked who her husband was. Though we couldn’t find anything, let alone if she was married, so we decided to do …

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2024 Oscar Winners

It’s that time of year again—Oscars Season, so here is a look at the 2024 Oscars Winners. This list is courtesy of The Guardian. Many of these wins were predictable due to previous wins at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs. Unfortunately, there was no drama inside the ceremony, but there were protests before the …

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Young Hollywood Nepo Babies

There is a new age in Hollywood involving nepo babies. Sure, there has also been some nepotism in the entertainment industry, with actors following their parents or other relatives into acting, music, dance, whatever it might be. However, it has only started to dawn on people that Young Hollywood has essentially taken over; most have …

celebrity botox

Celebrities Who Have Had Botox

We have a confession to make. Our inspiration for this celebrity botox story came from Meghan Markle and Omid Scobie. So, Hollywood is no stranger to celebrities who get facelifts, either major or minor. Some cosmetic surgeries have caused death. Look at what happened with Joan Rivers. But we’re not here to talk about the …