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Madea, Tyler Perry

Who Plays Madea?

Madea is the creation of Tyler Perry, who made her debut in the 1999 stage play I Can Do Bad All By Myself. Since then, there have been countless films, live-action and animated television series and recorded plays including the character. We’re not going to talk about everything to do with Tyler Perry’s creation of …

Hollywood, downfall, woke culture

Hollywood Is Trying To Please The Woke Crowd. It’s Failing And It’s Showing – OPINION

Hollywood is failing. We’re into month three of the writer’s strike and two months into the actor’s strike. However, woke culture plays a prominent role in this disastrous downfall. It gives off so many ick-factor vibes. So, the downfall of Hollywood has to have been going on well before the pandemic. Projects were beginning to …


Who Is Rowan Atkinson’s Daughter?

Rowan Atkinson is one of Britain’s best-known comedians. But, while people are familiar with his long career, did you know he was two adult children? He has three children; two with his ex-wife and one with his current partner. His daughter, Lily Sastry (formerly Atkinson), is the topic of this post. Lily uses her mother, …


RIP Lance Reddick

We did not expect to write a post today but felt we had to do it. Lance Reddick, the actor slated to assume the role of Zeus in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, has passed aged 60. We announced Lance’s casting, along with that of Toby Stephens, as one of his brothers, …