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The Weird Things Prince Harry Says Meghan Markle Can Do

Prince Harry thinks that his wife, Meghan Markle, can do weird things. Many of his claims are from his own words in his memoir, Spare. However, the inspiration for this post comes from a passage inTom Bower’s Revenge, which mentions a moment during the Sussexes’ courtship where the royal organised for his then-girlfriend to visit the National Art Museum after it had closed.

An after-hours visit to a museum doesn’t seem that unusual for the rich. However, it is when you’re told that your date wants to commune with one of the exhibits. The purpose of this post is to break down all the weird things Harry has claimed Meghan can do.

Communing With Dinosaurs – One Weird Thing

Meghan has this habit of making Harry believe these fairytale nuances about her. The reference we made to the National Art Museum introduction has to do with Markle wanting to ‘commune with the dinosaurs in private.’ Tom Bower makes this allegation in Revenge.

Okay, this doesn’t just come across as a weird thing, Meghan was dumb enough to make Harry believe she is this deity that came to him in his time of need. He treated her in the beginning like a goddess that she believed herself to be.

The communing with dinosaur schtick isn’t the first thing that Harry proclaims.

Meghan Takes Up No Room, Eats Very Little And Makes Her Own Clothes

Okay, is it just us, or does Harry believe Meghan when she says that she takes up no room, eats very little food and can make her own clothing? This was a comment that was published in Spare.

It seems that Meghan and Harry were watching Cinderella (the Disney version) when they were drunk and Megsy proclaimed she was the black Cinderella (her potential words, not ours). Surprisingly, Haz didn’t reference her as having mice companions who are the real champions.

That brings us to something else Harry references in Spare…

Talking To Seals Was A Sign That Meghan Was Pregnant With Archie

We don’t like talking about the children. However, the reference to Archie (if he exists), is vital for this next weird thing Harry has mentioned.

So, in Spare, Harry believes that Meghan’s communing with the seals in Scotland foreshadowed that Archie was on his way into the world.

This one is probably the second weirdest thing that Harry brings up about Meghan.

Talking To Mummy Beyond The Grave

Meghan has Harry believing she can commune with his dead mother from beyond the grave. Yes, we’re not kidding. When he took her to the Althorp Estate, where Diana lays peacefully at rest, he allowed her to have a moment alone with his mummy.

When he returned, he found her on her knees with her hands on the gravestone. Moreover, she had been “praying” for ‘clarity’ and ‘guidance’. This would not be the first instance the public had heard something like this.

Finally, a rumour has been floated that during a visit to New York after Megxit, Harry and Meghan went to a psychic where it is claimed Meghan became possessed by Diana’s spirit. We cannot find the source where this rumour came from, but it was super strange.

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