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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Is Meghan Laying The Groundwork For A Divorce? MORE On Gordon Getty AND Tyler Perry

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There is a new rumour about Meghan Markle laying the groundwork to become a solo woman as it has become obvious she is collecting awards in her name only, as per the Royal Grift, who found a post on Reddit. I know there have been countless divorce rumours, but this one is kind of playing out. Just because some of this is visible to the public doesn’t mean it’s happening. So take this rumour with a tiny pinch of salt until an official separation announcement. There’s also a minor update on the Gordon Getty thing too.

So, what does the rumour say?

Meghan Buys Awards… No, Duh!

In the past few months, Harry and Meghan have been buying, ahem! Sorry, receiving awards to make themselves look like they’re doing something other than working 52 hours a year. It has become evident that Markle is now getting awards, but only in her name. Harry is nowhere to be seen. This is true because she’s now getting an award from some foundation no one has heard of for her work empowering young women and girls. 9Honey reports that she will get the Women of Vision Award from her bestie, Gloria “Glo” Steinhem, in New York a week and a half after King Charles’ coronation.

The rumour states that Meghan has gotten Harry to admit in interviews, such as while promoting Spare and with Gabor Maté, that he is reliant on drugs and has anger issues. This is true, too, although it’s unclear whether Markle is influencing Harry to spill his guts. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Solo Act Markle

Meghan has gotten People magazine to be the first break that Archie and Lili have their prince and princess titles. This is true, too, as it was all over the press when it happened. In other words, Markle is now having herself marketed as a “solo” parent/act. Also, the awards she is snapping up are mainly concerning her podcast, Archetype.

The rumour post has something fascinating on the podcast, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Not Living Together?

It has been rumoured and speculated before that the Sussexes aren’t living together. Well, it’s also bought up in this post, and they haven’t been in weeks. Interestingly, it alleged that the British Royal family have dirt on her that dates back decades. I’ve heard a lot about this, but who knows whether or not it’s true.

The original poster said it wouldn’t be surprising if Charles helps Harry in the divorce case and then puts him in a cottage where he’s constantly guarded and cannot be seen in public, except at private family events. I can see that happening, as he cannot be trusted.

MORE On The Tyler Perry Rumours

We all know the rumour that was circulating that Tyler Perry did have Meghan and Harry kicked out of his house for abusing their staff. Well, the Reddit rumour mill claims that it did happen. However, Markle allegedly was able to worm herself back into Perry’s good graces by spinning her usual tale of racism and how bad the UK was and all the BS she came up with about the royals being horrible to her.

The post confirms what I have heard from my source that Tyler is a compassionate and empathetic man. But, in other words, he fell for a con. It is alleged that he discovered the manipulations that Meghan has been pulling but could not pull out because he wants to follow through with being Lili’s godfather.

Apparently, the christening was NOT a happy affair with the gospel choir where there was spouted by the press. Perry did the bare minimum and got out of there when he could. Moreover, it explains why no Christening pictures were released of Tyler. Well, no Christening photos have been released at all, but you get the idea.

MORE On The Gordon Getty Rumour

The post goes into a minor update about the Gordon Getty rumour. Apparently, the Getty family discovered something dodgy that Meghan had done. The news got back to Gordon, who said, “This is messed up!” He then cut all ties with her.

What Spotify Is Saying Internally About Meghan’s Awards

So, the last part of the rumour post goes into Spotify and what isn’t being said about Meghan’s awards sweep.

Allegedly, Meghan is trying to force Spotify’s hand by collecting awards to make it look like Archetypes is popular, so they’ll renew it for Season 2. Spotify posted a tweet congratulating Markle, but that is as far as it went. This is all I could find from a Sugar account, no less.

Spotify knows the statistics for Archetypes, which is why they haven’t renewed the podcast. However, they are aware of what a horrible human being Meghan is, and the staff apparently refer to it as “Stereotypes,” as that is what Meghan was talking about.

Finally, there is nothing financial to come out of winning awards like the Gracie. As Disney once said, “Meghan needs Disney, more than Disney needs Meghan.” The same can be applied to Spotify.

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