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“Do You Know Them?” The Sussex Squad Are Idiots For Asking If Critics Know Harry And Meghan  – Most Of Them Don’t  – OPINION

You would not believe how often I have seen the Sussex Squad comment on people’s tweets, “Do you know Prince Harry and Princess Meghan? What gives you the right to question what they say?” Here’s what I see. These people believe they are ‘protecting’ their idols but call their detractors out for their lies, mistruths, …

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Chronicles of Harkle

Nice Try, Meghan Markle, But Your Constant Attempts To Get People To Hate On Kate Middleton Won’t Work – ANALYSIS

Meghan Markle has never liked Kate Middleton. Let’s say it as it is. We’ll call it jealousy because Catherine is married to the future King of England, Prince William. Meghan is married to the spare and equally narcissistic spare heir, Prince Harry. Markle started a smear campaign against her sister-in-law long before she even met …

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Meghan Markle Blames Kate Middleton And Prince William For Everything… Big Surprise… – OPINION PLUS BREAKING NEWS!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. Meghan Markle is jealous of Catherine and William. Sky News Australia reports that the former actress believes the Prince and Princess of Wales got away with “mistreating” her and Harry. She was also naïve enough to think the public would side with her over the future monarch …

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Is King Charles About To Take Custody Of The Sussex Children? Wait, Is Meghan Supportive Of Harry’s Rift From His Father And Brother? – OPINION

The Duchess of Narsussex has uncovered something that no one else has noticed. In her latest video entitled The Witch Behind The Curtain, she goes over one of the Sussexes’ many puff pieces put out by People Magazine yesterday. In one of the articles she used, she noticed a bit of a juicy statement, which …

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Does Prince Harry Blame Kate Middleton For His Failing Relationship With Prince William? – OPINION

Once upon a time, Princes William and Harry were bonded over the death of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Nothing seemed to break them apart, even when Kate Middleton joined the family on 29th April 2011, when she became Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She displayed great admiration and respect for her brother-in-law, not …

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Chronicles of Harkle

Meghan Markle’s Attempt To Have Her Catherine James Bond Gold Dress Moment Utterly Fails!

No one can replicate the stunning gold dress that the former Duchess of Cambridge, the now Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton, wore to the European premiere of Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. Not even her envious sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, can. Catherine knocked her gold dress moment out of the park, and it impressed …

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Lidia Thorpe Is The Australian Version Of Meghan Markle – OPINION

Anyone with a brain knows how bland politics are. There are constant screaming matches between all the parties involved, and there are controversial figures. For example, in Victoria, Australia, they have to contend with Lidia Thorpe, an independent Aboriginal senator who holds an anti-white sentiment. Hmm, it sounds like Meghan Markle to a degree, doesn’t …