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Books About Catherine Middleton

Yes, we know. Catherine Middleton no longer exists; it is Catherine, the Princess of Wales. For the sake of this book list post, it is Catherine Middleton. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is solely for SEO purposes and nothing more. We’ve wanted to do this post for a while. But there have not been …

Chronicles of Harkle

Prince Harry To Return To UK After Catherine Health Issues, But Don’t Expect Him To Visit her

Prince Harry is due to return to the United Kingdom for a visit, but don’t expect him to visit Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The Mirror reports that despite his sister-in-law’s cancer, he will not be visiting Catherine. It is believed he will return to the WellChild Awards and nothing more. After Catherine revealed her …

Kate Cancer, Catherine cancer

Catherine, The Princess Of Wales Has Cancer – We Hope The Conspiracy Theorists Are Proud Of Themselves – NEWS And OPINION

It was the news no one expected to hear (thanks, Deadline). Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has cancer. We hope the conspiracy theorists out there who were saying vile things about her are proud of themselves. The future Queen has been forced to release a video to explain that her diagnosis came after her abdominal …


#IStandWithCatherine – OPINION

People are not buying the conspiracies regarding Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The #IStandWithCatherine hashtag has trended on and off for a while. It shows how much the world loves the future Queen. In the age of social media and a toxic press culture, the conspiracies have only gotten louder and are trying to silence …

Catherine coma, princess of wales, abdominal surgery

No, Catherine Was NOT In A Coma

There have been rumours, thanks to the Sussex Squad, that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was in a coma. This allegedly occurred during her two-week stay at the hospital after having abdominal surgery. The reason why this has come up is due to a Spanish journalist, Concha Calleja, claiming a source told her that Catherine …