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Books About Prince William And Prince Harry

Many books have been written about Prince William and Prince Harry for almost forty years. In this post, we’ll be highlighting many of these tomes. We’ll be setting this post up differently from the others we’ve done. There are books about William and Harry individually and others about them together. The links provided in this …

Prince Harry Security, Meghan Markle
Chronicles of Harkle

BOOHOO! Prince Harry Claims He And Meghan Markle Were FORCED To Leave Royal Family And That He Wants His Security Back For Her And Their Children – OPINION

Prince Harry doesn’t need taxpayer-funded security. He is not more important than his brother, the future king and their father, the literal King of England—Oy vey. I’ve been limiting how much I write about the Sussexes now because it’s the same BS over and over again. I don’t want Project Fangirl to be just about …

Prince William, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

Sensible Or Petty? Prince William Doesn’t Want His Cousins, Princesses Beatrice And Eugenie As Working Royals – OPINION

Is Prince William snubbing his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, but not allowing them to become working royals? According to GB News, the Prince of Wales has made it clear that his younger cousins, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, will not be working royals. I have two views on this that I …

Rose Hanbury, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
Chronicles of Harkle

SUSSEX RUMOUR/THEORY: Did Meghan Markle Become Jealous Of Rose Hanbury’s Placement Next To Prince Harry At The 2017 State Banquet?

Was Meghan Markle jealous that Prince Harry was seated beside Rose Hanbury during the 2017 State Banquet? Could the Prince William-Rose Hanbury affair rumour have started because a certain someone was upset? It’s entirely possible. The idea for this Sussex theory came from Canellelabelle on Twitter, whose tweets we love. In a thread of 15, …

British Royals, Israel-Hamas

The British Royals (Including The Sussexes) Put Out Statements On The Israel-Hamas Conflict

The British royals have published statements on the Israel-Hamas conflict just days after King Abdullah II of Jordan and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands posted theirs. Oli London reported that King Charles is “extremely concerned” about the Israel-Hamas conflict. Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine, have issued their …