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Tribbles, Star Trek
Star Trek

What Are Tribbles In Star Trek?

Tribbles are a well-known species in Star Trek. But they’re not as well-documented as Vulcans or Romulans. Tribbles are puffs of fur that do nothing but breed and eat, despite not having teeth. But, of course, those were Worf’s words, not ours. They have a calming effect on the human nervous system when they purr …

Star Trek

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – S01E01 Strange New Worlds – Review

It’s FINALLY time to fly! – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is FINALLY here, and we could not be more excited! We’ve been waiting for it since Pike, Spock, and Number One appeared during Star Trek: Discovery Season 2. There’s a ton to go over, and we’re so excited to see what’s coming for the …