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Hi all and welcome to yet another new column here on Project Fangirl called Chronicles of Harkle. In case you haven’t picked already, this section of the blog is about Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. Like with Babes Against Bullshit, I will be talking in the first person and not another perspective.

The reason for this is to differentiate between the other royal stuff and the Chronicles of Harkle. Now, I want to make very clear that this column was NOT created to be racist. I was raised to accept everyone, no matter who they are, regardless of their skin colour, race, sexual orientation, etc.

I take issue with Sussex stans saying people are racist then they call out the behaviour that Meghan and Harry display. No, the way they act has nothing to do with the Markle’s race. There is a massive difference. However, the prince will cave to his wife’s racism card trick every single time something negative comes out about her. That is what irks me to no end.

This column will cover everything from recent news to old tidbits. Now, if there are Meghan stans that stumble across this and want to make a swipe at me for my views, please do right ahead. However, you will be blocked and reported on social media.

The goal of this column is to uncover the lies and debunk things that Meghan and Harry have said. We’re also going to be covering things that associated with them. Omid Scobie and Jessica Mulroney will be covered under Chronicles of Harkle too because they’re not technically celebrities.

Finally, any posts under Chronicles of Harkle will NOT be categorised under ‘Royals’. The reason for this is because Harry and Meghan are former royals. The only time they will be categorised as such is if real royals are involved.

Ready… Set… Harkle…

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