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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Did The Queen Kick Meghan Out Of The UK?


A new rumour had popped up regarding what led to Meghan leaving the UK before Megxit happened. According to Markle News on Instagram, Her late Majesty The Queen might’ve had a hand in kicking her rogue granddaughter-in-law out of the country.

Please bear in mind this is just a rumour, so please do not comment that The Queen could not do a, b, or c. We’re only reporting on what we’ve read. The goal of this post is to break down the rumour; it’s not to give an opinion.

So, let’s get into the rumour.

The Lead Up

So, the story goes that before Megxit, Queen had called for an audience with Meghan. Now, the one thing you don’t do is decline an invitation from any monarch. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Queen (or now King) of England who happens to be your grandmother or parent, as Charles is to Harry.

Regarding Meghan, The Queen is her grandmother-in-law, who has more power than she [Meghan] would ever dream of having. Markle had an alleged scheduled meeting with Her Majesty, which she cancelled because she had to put in an “appearance” at one of her patronages.

The aides immediately told The Queen and sent for her. Again, Meghan declined.

This occurred after Meghan had been caught by Prince William taking photos of his daughter, Princess Charlotte, while she was asleep. Also, Catherine allegedly discovered there was jewellery missing. The rumour also states that Meghan was still being sent expensive presents when she was told that royals don’t accept freebies.

The Aides Step In, And The Tantrum

When the aides discovered that Meghan was headed for her “meeting”, they rang the patronage and shut the meeting down. When Markle arrived, no one greeted her, and she threw a whopper of a tantrum.

The best bit? When the aides rang the patronage, they told them it was “on the order of the Queen.”

Her Majesty’s security people were there to pick Meghan up in which she allegedly screamed, “Get your hands off me! I’m the Duchess!” when they tried to get into the car.

Edward And Sophie’s Involvement And Why Harry Is Demanding An Apology

Inside the car was Meghan’s luggage and Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. They had been sent to ensure Markle got on the plane at RAF Marham (the Instagram post says RAF Norfolk). So the couple had sure she was comfortable before the aircraft took off for Canada.

It has been reported, as per the Daily Mail, that Harry is demanding an apology for Meghan. This isn’t a rumour, as he said in one of the promotional interviews for his memoir, Spare, that he wants his family to apologise to Meghan. His wording is as follows:

You know what you did, and now I know why you did it. And you’ve been caught out, so jsut come clean.

Prince Harry demands an apology for Meghan.

The sending Meghan back to Canada thing was why Harry wanted an apology. Moreover, Meghan being shipped to Canada is why Harry showed up to the now-infamous Sandringham Summit on his own and why his wife couldn’t call in for the meeting.


Okay, so let’s get down to the fun part; dissecting the rumour.

Does Any Monarch Have The Power To “Banish” Someone From Their Country?

So, the rumour says that The Queen had Meghan booted from the UK. Can this happen? Once upon a time when a monarch did hold power, perhaps. However, they can’t flat-out ban people. Also, Markle wasn’t banished, as she has been back to the UK less than a dozen times since Megxit in 2020.

Also, Edward VIII, after he married Wallis Simpson, he self-exiled himself. This is what Harry has done with Meghan. They’ve exiled themselves from the rest of the family. Though they claim they were bullied out and ultimately blame Prince William in particular.

We’ve never heard of any monarch in recent times forcefully making someone leave the country. An article from Insider in 2018 gives nines examples of powers the British monarch holds. Not one of them mentions banishment. Though, they can declare war, something Her Majesty The Queen never did in her lifetime.

Is It Possible That Edward And Sophie Were Involved If This Is True?

We don’t know whether Edward would have any role in sending Meghan to Canada, but Sophie definitely would. It’s clear from the photos at the Queen’s funeral that the Countess of Wessex has no love for Markle.

[Credit: Lipstick Alley]

As you can see, Sophie had her eyes on Meghan while she, Markle, the Queen Consort, the Princess of Wales and Prince George and Princess Charlotte were waiting for the Queen’s coffin.

This was also after Camilla, Catherine, and Sophie formed a shield around the kids to get them away from Meghan, given where Charlotte is standing in the photo. There is another photo we’ve seen where Charlotte looks up at the Countess of Wessex while Sophie glares at Markle.

Also, Sophie was in the car with Meghan on the way to one of the church services. We believe there is a reason for this. Given how Markle has targeted the Waleses multiple times, one person who doesn’t tolerate nonsense is the Countess of Wessex.

Sophie and The Queen were very close. Her Majesty considered the Countess of Wessex to be a second daughter to her. So, if anything, Sophie would do her damn hardest to protect her mother-in-law’s legacy as much as possible.

Would Meghan Say, “Get Your Hands Off Me! I’m The Duchess!”?

Meghan has exposed herself one too many times as a narcissist. If this story is accurate, we can see this happening. Why? Because if you watch some of her horrible acting roles, her true personality shines through. As The Royal Grift says a lot, Markle is a one-trick pony. She doesn’t know how to act outside of being herself. That’s why her roles in Suits and those two Hallmark movies were all the same character-wise. They were all women looking for love; it was a recycle of Rachel Zane.

TRG even shows clips from Suits where Rachel [Meghan’s character] was an absolute cow to some woman because she didn’t do what she wanted. This is likely how she was during the alleged bullying of the royal staff. In both incidents, onscreen and in real life, she used her power over those lower than her. Hmm. It speaks volumes if you look at it logically.

Is This Alleged Incident What Harry Was Referring To When He Said Along The Lines Of, “You Know what You Did. Apologise To My Wife.”?

It’s possible this is what he was talking about. Megxit was a trying time for everyone. So it would not surprise us.

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