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The Fake Smiles Of Meghan Markle

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Nothing says fake smiles more than Meghan Markle. Hollywood is all about hamming it up for the cameras. The former Suits actress is doing precisely that. Since she and Harry made their public debut at the 2016 Invictus Games, she has put on an act for the public, and it was probably her most fantastic show yet. One that could be considered Emmy worthy.

For the longest time, her fake smiles worked on the public. The world celebrated that Prince Harry had finally found “the one.” Finally, after so many years, Diana’s cheeky chappy was getting hitched. However, things started to fracture after the 2018 wedding when the stories started emerging that Meghan had made her sister-in-law, Catherine, cry. The narrative didn’t change, and in March 2020, the Sussexes left their royal lives behind.

Meghan’s fake smiles have been front and centre every time they’ve appeared together, while Harry is sullen and miserable. This puts the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” to good use. While the Sussex Squad bullies the Cambridge children, calling them horrid things, they call her a goddess. Their sense of self-righteousness and belief that she is a Queen in her own right shows their delusion. It is cult-level devotion by a large portion of them.

What The Sussex Squad Are Saying About Their Queen Now

We’ve seen on social media some brave Megxiteers posting screenshots of the Sussex Squad beginning to question some of Meghan and Harry’s decisions. So it’s safe to that say they’re not all devout. Unfortunately, though, many of them are still trying to ignore the double standards for the children.

They say “the children are off-limits,” but they choose to bully the Cambridge children. Firstly, they don’t practice what they preach. ALL the children are off-limits. Not just the Sussex kids, but the Cambridges too. Not to mention, Doctor Shola, the race-baiter, made the whole the Prince Louis tantrum about race. The woman cannot stop talking about race relations when a topic of a four-year-old playing up in public has nothing to do with the subject.

Also, Meghan and Catherine cannot be compared. The Duchess of Cambridge has been a dedicated member of the monarchy for eleven years. The Duchess of Sussex did 72 engagements over eighteen months. Yes, we know she was pregnant a large portion of the time. Yet, Catherine was also three times while she was a working royal and never once did she complain. Also, can you imagine what Markle would say if she went up against Meghan McCain?

All Meghan did was whine about “not having a voice.” She didn’t understand that she was not for herself. Her role was to represent the Queen and the entire monarchy into which she married. As the saying goes, you marry your spouse’s whole family and not just them.

So, anyway, the other side of the internet read: the non-Sussex Squaddies are having the absolute times of their lives watching the Squad fall over themselves in anguish. It is an absolute delight.

Harry’s Misery

We’ve spoken about how he won’t be happy no matter where Harry lives. As sad as that is to say, it’s true. He can claim Meghan is his happy place, all he likes, but it is clear that he isn’t satisfied with his new life. Just the photos released from the Platinum Jubilee show that he is only now realising that he is not exceptional. He didn’t get the warm welcome he thought they’d get. We’ve heard various things across the weekend where it is alleged that while William was down in the parade, Catherine, George, Charlotte and Louis were in the same room as the Sussexes for a brief time. However, there was no interaction from what we’ve seen.

Harry is so used to being elevated due to his status as a son of the Prince of Wales, better known as the future King of England. However, he walked away from it all to make his wife happy. Meghan’s fake smiles were enough to damage the whiny Duke of Montecito’s mental state. He threw everyone, including his dying grandfather and his preteen nephews and niece, under the bus to make Markle happy. He has sold his soul to the devil and all for fake smiles.

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