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A Sussex Squad Journalist Loses Her Job At Buzzfeed News – OPINION

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Usually, I wouldn’t say I like applauding people losing their jobs, but this was too good to pass up, given the person is so horrible. So, I wanted to address the news that Ellie Hall, a senior reporter at BuzzFeed News, has lost her job due to the department shutting down, as per NewsNation.

For those who don’t know, Ellie Hall claims to be a royal reporter, but she’s not. Instead, she has taken swipes at Catherine, the Princess of Wales, for being “too skinny” after the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015. Courtsey of Meghan’s Mole on Twitter, the so-called journalist also was found to have commented on a “plan” in 2014, to kidnap and traffic the then-Duchess of Cambridge. claimed that it was a joke, but it was a stupid one.

Ellie even put the Sussex Squad on blast. Though to her, the royal fans were also to blame for “trolling” her. Umm. The royal fans were telling you the truth. Also, don’t you dare question what William and Catherine would think of their “fans” trolling you. You, Ms Hall, are the reason why people in the Sussex Squad have gone after the Princess of Wales. Also, you’re why Yankee Wally was thrown off Twitter and YouTube.

How dare you use the Prince and Princess of Wales as scapegoats. You’re just another Omid Scobie. If you were a real journalist, you would have known that the information given in Christopher Bouzy’s report on “toxic anti-Meghan” accounts, was a sham. All the Megxiteer community does is tell the truth about Meghan and Harry’s BS. I have never understood how anyone can support a couple who cannot keep track of their own lies. It boggles my mind, it truly does.

Ellie, if you want to report on the royals, try being objective and truthful in your reporting. Also, do you really think doxxing a retired woman in her 60s is a good thing? She lost a sense of herself of your actions. We all know you’re in league with Bouzy. Finally, BuzzFeed News is a toxic place to work. One of your colleagues got called out for faking documents about Russia, how can you live with yourself.

Good luck your future career.

P.S. Your begging for a new job shows you as desperate.

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