Prince William Should Be Done With The Sussexes

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What is wrong with ‘avoiding’ a disrespectful brother and his narcissistic and selfish wife? Nothing. However, the media is making it a bigger deal than it needs to be. Prince William and the royal family, including his wife Catherine, have all been a target of the Sussexes’ aka Prince Harry and Meghan’s jealous rage. Even the couple’s children have not been spared from her wrath.

Meghan has done everything from bullying a then-toddler Princess Charlotte to making Catherine cry. She’s even threatened to continue talking. Prince William saw through this act, and Markle didn’t like it, so she went after his wife and children, mainly Kate and their daughter. A rumour claimed she wanted Prince William, not Prince Harry and that she started the cheating rumour. However, this is just speculation. Do we believe it? No, but it would not surprise us if it were true.

The Sussexes are delusional, and Prince William knows this. So the royals fast-tracked Meghan into the family, giving her opportunities that not even Catherine got. The future king doesn’t need his brother and sister-in-law to succeed. The Sussexes have gone from idolised to antagonised, especially Harry. If we ignore the errors in Tom Bower’s book, everything he wrote is accurate.

Prince William Is No Idiot When It Comes To The Sussexes

As I wrote some time ago, another rumour claims that Prince William kicked the Sussexes out of the Royal Foundation due to bullying. Do I believe this? Yes, I do. While it is speculation, there may be truth behind it. Everything they do is to usurp others they deem beneath them. In regards to Harry, he wants to be mightier than William. Meghan has him convinced that he’s more important than his brother, who will one day become king.

The last Henry that ended up on the British throne was Henry VIII, who had a habit of having his wives’ heads cut off when they “betrayed” him. Moreover, it’s laughable that the Sussexes believe they’re better than the Cambridges when they’re not. This is not just me saying it because I adore the Cambridges. It has to do with the facts. William and Catherine are on their way up the pecking order to the throne. Harry and Meghan will go up two places. That’s it. They will be back down the line of succession again when George, Charlotte and Louis have their own children. Somehow, I don’t think Markle will be around when this happens.

The Sussexes Will Divorce Eventually

I’m not sorry to say that I believe there will be a divorce eventually. Yes, I know there have been accurate news outlets saying there will be no divorce. However, I think that there will be one years later when Harry will be bled dry of his inheritance from his mother. Meghan has everything planned out secretly. I have no issues believing this. After all, she dumped her first husband, Trevor Engelson, unceremoniously and without warning. However, the stakes are higher with Harry as she has children with him.

Going back to Prince William, I believe it has gotten to the point where he’s lost his brother. Before Meghan came along, he thought Prince Harry would be at his side the same way Princess Anne would likely be when Charles became king. But, given that the Duke of Montecito is Prince William’s only sibling and lives on the other side of the world, this will not happen as long as Markle is on the scene.

Prince William Sees Meghan’s True Colours

The Duke of Cambridge doesn’t put up with his sister-in-law’s envious nature. Her jealousy of his wife and daughter is the tip of the iceberg. As I stated earlier, he saw her act early on and tried to get Harry to watch out for the signs and get to know Meghan before he considered marriage. However, this failed, and Prince William was considered a snob.

Prince William is not a snob as he saw the disaster that was his parents’ marriage and those of Andrew and Fergie, Anne and Mark Phillips. He was old enough to remember some of these, whereas Harry wasn’t. Harry only wants to see their mother in a positive light, which is why he keeps going on about how his wife will be killed the same way.

However, Harry doesn’t realise there was more at play than just the paparazzi chasing Diana the night she died. Either that or he refuses to believe any other account of that night. He wants someone to blame, and the media is at the top of his hit list. Prince William, however, sees the bigger picture of who their mother was.

Diana Had Flaws And Wasn’t Perfect

William knows of Diana’s flaws and how she wasn’t perfect. He even spoke to people who knew her to understand her flaws better. No person is perfect, yet Harry doesn’t want to see this as he saw Meghan at the time as the literal ideal embodiment of his mother. However, this is not how the Spencer family felt when they were introduced to Meghan.

Harry told them that his girlfriend was just like his mother, which led to Earl Spencer, Baroness Fellowes and Lady Sarah being confused. I cannot say I blame them for this thought process. Harry was already on the path of self-destruction at the time, and there was no way Prince William would save him. He must save himself from his wife as he chose to marry her. He was not forced to become the Sussexes.

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