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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Does Doria Have A Bigger Role In Harry’s Emasculation?

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There is a new Sussex rumour, but this time it has more to do with Meghan and Doria than with Harry, but he is part of it. A few days ago, The Royal Grift did a video about a rumour she found on Tumblr. Now, I cannot remember which video it was in for the life of me. However, Genevieve on Twitter found the post and screenshotted it. I also have provided the link to SassyFrassBoss’s Tumblr page for additional context. This is just a brief rundown of the post. Also, take everything in this post with a pinch of salt.

So, the rumour that has been going around is as follows.

Doria and Harry allegedly don’t like each other.

Meghan and her mother allegedly are awful to Harry and abuse him, but know they cannot leave physical marks on him. They allegedly have proof of Harry being horrible and attacking them, which they have obtained sneakily.

Also, the self-anointed Queen of Montecito has loose lips when she’s intoxicated.

Doria thinks she rules the house and acts like a dictator. Also, her alleged drug use is nothing new. It is also alleged that she is why Harry is on ayahuasca and so reliant on drugs. He referenced that drug during his televised therapy session with Doctor Gabor Maté.

Meghan allegedly does common stuff like coke and weed.

The Sussex Children Are Phantoms And Meghan Rarely At Home

No one has seen Archie and Lilibet.

Archie allegedly isn’t allowed to attend the birthday parties of his classmates.

The teachers at Archie’s school allegedly despise the Sussexes and Doria for their treatment of him. But they’re grateful to the nannies for taking care of him.

Also, there is no apparently no birthday party planned for Archie’s birthday.

Meghan is allegedly almost never at home.

Separation Inbound? Doria Isn’t Allowed In The House Without Harry Present

The rumour also says that Meghan is often in Los Angeles, and Harry is often in San Francisco.

Archie and Lili are often left with the nannies.

What’s fascinating about this rumour is that Harry refuses to allow Doria to reside at the house without him there.

Apparently, there was some incident regarding a member of their staff, the cook or one of the maids, which is laughed about within Montecito. It’s because of this issue that Harry and Meghan are having a difficult time finding replacement staff.

Allegedly, Meghan has been dropping clues that she and Harry are now sleeping in separate beds, are no longer together and will be getting a divorce.

Meghan’s Obsession With The Children’s Titles

So, the last part of this rumour revolves around the children and their titles. Apparently, Archie’s teachers have been ORDERED to call him HRH Prince Archie of Sussex. Moving to Lilibet, she attends a special daycare in Los Angeles that her godfather, Tyler Perry, funds.

Also, the kids are kept apart from each other and not just other kids not related to them.

Finally, the rumour surrounding Meghan living in LA could be because Lili attends the Perry-funded childcare centre there.

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