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Bookstagram Recommendations

Bookstagram is a great place to find book recommendations if you’re struggling to find something new to read. There is a tag on Instagram where you can find a ton of bookstagram posts from Bookstagrammers and content creators (like us!). Since there are so many Bookstagram recommendations, we’re going to list a handful from as …

Chronicles of Harkle

No, Meghan. You Do Not Have The Right To Tell People What They Can And Cannot Ask About Your Personal Life Online – OPINION

Sorry, Meghan Markle, but you’re a public figure, so people can speculate about your personal life. Youtubers are already restricted in what they are allowed to share or say. They are banned from saying certain words or dilvuging on certain topics. So, do you think that YouTube’s head honchos will listen to Meghan Markle when …