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Marissa, Carly
iCarly (reboot)

Carly Unintentionally Makes An Enemy Out Of Marissa Benson

In the recent iCarly episode, iGo To Toledo, Carly, Millicent, Harper, Marissa [Benson – Freddie’s mother] and Danica [with the beret from book club] head to Ohio for Mrs B’s bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Freddie recruits Spencer, Paul [Carly’s manager], and groom-to-be Lewbert for a disastrous bachelor party. As Carly’s relationship with Freddie continues to grow, …

Socko, iCarly
iCarly (reboot)

Who Is Socko In iCarly?

Carly’s brother, Spencer, might share the same friend group as his sister, but he does have friends outside of her. His best friend is Socko, an unseen character in the original iCarly and the new show. While he went unreferenced in the revival’s first two seasons of the new show, a passing reference is made …

iCarly (reboot)

Nevel Returns In iFaked It

Nevel Papperman is about to make his second reboot comeback in this week’s episode of the iCarly reboot. When Carly suddenly becomes the victim of a convincing deep fake for a horrible vegan pasta brand, the iCarly gang decides to investigate. This is the second time Nevel has appeared in the new series. Nevel’s wife, …