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Operation Paget, Spencer siblings

Breaking Down Operation Paget – Part Four – Allegations Against Diana’s Family

Mohamed Al-Fayed took shots during the Operation Paget inquiry at the Spencer siblings and mother, claiming that one of Diana’s sisters and their mother, along with then-Prince Charles and Prince Philip, were involved in “getting rid” of the princess. We’ve stated this before in earlier sections, but Mohamed was looking for someone to blame. He …

debunking Mohamed, operation paget

Breaking Down The Operation Paget Report – Part Three – Debunking Mohamed Al-Fayed’s Claims

As mentioned in part two of our breakdown of the Operation Paget report, we will be debunking many of Mohamed Al-Fayed’s allegations. Everything in this post will link to another source or state where the information came from. Many of Mohamed’s claims are debunkable, thanks to witness statements from people who knew Diana, Princess of …

Mohamed Al-Fayed, allegations, operation paget

Breaking Down The Operation Paget Report – Part Two – Allegations Made By Mohamed Al-Fayed

Operation Paget was commissioned to investigate the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed, mainly based on the allegations made by Mr Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed. The report examines the findings of the criminal investigation into what the former Harrod’s owner claims to be a conspiracy to murder Princess Diana and his son. …

Prince Harry Security, Meghan Markle
Chronicles of Harkle

BOOHOO! Prince Harry Claims He And Meghan Markle Were FORCED To Leave Royal Family And That He Wants His Security Back For Her And Their Children – OPINION

Prince Harry doesn’t need taxpayer-funded security. He is not more important than his brother, the future king and their father, the literal King of England—Oy vey. I’ve been limiting how much I write about the Sussexes now because it’s the same BS over and over again. I don’t want Project Fangirl to be just about …

Diana, Flawed

Diana: The Flawed

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a flawed human being. She was not a saint. Nor was she a victim of any scheme. Amongst all the positive coverage of the late royal, there has also been much criticism, which is what we’re going to over in this post. The world knew that Diana was an empathetic …

Princess Charlotte, Lilibet, Spencer Tiara

Why Princess Charlotte Nor Her Cousin Lilibet Will Inherit The Spencer Tiara

There has been misleading information that Princess Charlotte and her cousin Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor will inherit the Spencer tiara, the headpiece made famous by their late grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Some have said that Prince William inherited the piece when he turned thirty. There was a misinformative piece in the Insider after the death of …

Sussex Squad, Meghan, Prince Harry
Chronicles of Harkle

“Do You Know Them?” The Sussex Squad Are Idiots For Asking If Critics Know Harry And Meghan  – Most Of Them Don’t  – OPINION

You would not believe how often I have seen the Sussex Squad comment on people’s tweets, “Do you know Prince Harry and Princess Meghan? What gives you the right to question what they say?” Here’s what I see. These people believe they are ‘protecting’ their idols but call their detractors out for their lies, mistruths, …

Chelsy, Meghan, Harry
Chronicles of Harkle

And There It Is.

Prince Harry is genuinely a muppet. His case against the Mirror Group Newspapers had nothing to do with phone hacking. Instead, it was about getting even in the name of his precious wife, Meghan Markle. However, his witness statement mentions his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, over one hundred times. Yet his spouse was only bought up …

Diana, Pearls

Did Princess Diana Eat Pearls?

We know that Hollywood biopics are never 100% accurate. Otherwise, it’s a documentary. We were going through our NicheIQ on Ezoic and found an interesting topic; did Princess Diana eat pearls? After a quick Google search, we found out why this was included. Apparently, in the semi-biopic Spencer, starring Kirsten Stewart as Princess Diana, there …