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Books About Prince William And Prince Harry

Many books have been written about Prince William and Prince Harry for almost forty years. In this post, we’ll be highlighting many of these tomes. We’ll be setting this post up differently from the others we’ve done. There are books about William and Harry individually and others about them together. The links provided in this …

Chronicles of Harkle

Prince Harry To Return To UK After Catherine Health Issues, But Don’t Expect Him To Visit her

Prince Harry is due to return to the United Kingdom for a visit, but don’t expect him to visit Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The Mirror reports that despite his sister-in-law’s cancer, he will not be visiting Catherine. It is believed he will return to the WellChild Awards and nothing more. After Catherine revealed her …

Chronicles of Harkle

Harry Is Crying That He Is Being Left Out Of Future Royal Plans – He Should Have Thought About That When He Left! – OPINON

Prince Harry is now whining that he’s been left out of planning future royal events. Boohoo! He should have thought of that when he decided to drop his life for Meghan’s in California. This story is courtesy of the Daily Express. The story comes as The King battles cancer, and his aides are beginning to …

Sussex downgrade
Chronicles of Harkle

The Sussex Downgrade

It was going to happen. The Sussex profiles on the official royal website have been changed to a single profile rather than individual ones, prompting a downgrade. As the alteration was being made, the separate profiles were removed for almost an hour before replacing them with what we have now. As the change happened, the …

Sussex rumours
Chronicles of Harkle

Lesser-Known Sussex Rumours

Many rumours have been about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Everyone knows the ones about the emerald tiara debacle, the who made who cry situation and, of course, the speculation over the children’s births. The list goes on. However, there are many more out there. In this post, we’ll explore the lesser-known Sussex rumours. …

prince harry thoughts reality
Chronicles of Harkle

What Prince Harry Thought Marrying Meghan Markle Would Be Like Versus Reality – OPINION

Prince Harry had many thoughts when he started dating Meghan Markle in 2016, and in reality, he believed she was “the one.” His version of his sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, if you will. His big brother, Prince William, could see through the actress’ act of naivety in a nanosecond. What’s more, Prince Harry …

Prince Harry Home Office
Chronicles of Harkle

Prince Harry Loses His Case Against The UK Home Office And Demands Names – OPINION

Prince Harry thinks he is entitled to all-around tax-funded security from the Home Office. However, you don’t get to keep the perks when you leave a job. However, he doesn’t appear to understand that. According to the Daily Express, Prince Harry’s four-year battle against the Home Office had him demanding that they give him the …

African Parks, Prince Harry, raped tortured
Chronicles of Harkle

Did They Know About This? Claims About Attacks At African Parks Have Come Out And Could Damage The Sussexes Further If They Don’t Say Anything

The Daily Mail has exposed the dark side of African Parks, a charity backed by Prince Harry, where it is alleged tribespeople are being raped and tortured. Two articles have been released detailing horrifying acts of depravity by rangers who are supposed to be keeping people safe. The first article that came out details a …