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Chronicles of Harkle

Hey, Harry! Don’t Pick On Children, Your Wife Is A Bully, And You Were William’s Best Man!

Another day, another post about the dunderhead spare prince who wants to be King of the Commonwealth. Let’s not talk about how dense Harry is right now as this is about how much of a bully he and Meghan Markle are, especially towards the royal children. Before we continue, we will cover three stories in …

Chronicles of Harkle

Immature Idiot! Excerpts “Leaked” From Spare – Prince Harry’s Memoir

God bless Spain. Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, has been prematurely released in Spain, and excerpts have been planted in the US and British press. So when they were saying the Duke of Sussex was putting a lot of negativity on Prince William and Catherine, they weren’t kidding. Though, what has been surprising in some of …

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Chronicles of Harkle

Harry Isn’t Creating Change, He’s Creating Division And Hate

There’s an old saying everyone on the face of the Earth knows. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So it becomes maddening when the man who believes he is creating change is Prince Harry. He is not the person everyone thought he was. He doesn’t believe in unity, only division. His jealousy of his …

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Chronicles of Harkle

No Apologies Should Be Given To The Sussexes! – OPINION

Oy vey. The Sussexes are again demanding that the royals apologise to them. For what exactly? It made no sense when Harry and Meghan started the in-fighting because they weren’t given what they wanted. They believed that their early popularity would help them get their half-in, half-out arrangement in the long run. The pair only …