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Arthur Edwards royal wedding
Chronicles of Harkle

Royal Photographer, Arthur Edwards, Speaks Out About Treatment At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding

Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, has opened up about taking photos of Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018. According to what he said on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive YouTube show, it wasn’t pleasant. He called it miserable and the worst event he’d ever worked on. Arthur Edwards is a very well-respected photographer. He has been photographing …

Cooking and the Crown
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Cooking And The Crown – REVIEW

A big thank you to Penguin Random House, Netgalley and Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed Press for allowing me to review Cooking and the Crown by Tom Parker Bowles. The book will be published in Australia by Hachette Australia. I was not expecting to do a full review over here on Book Haven, but I decided to …

Curtsy Protocol

The Curtsy Protocol

Every royal woman, blood or otherwise, has followed the curtsy protocol at some point. We would like to thank the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle for inspiring this post. Why? Well, she claimed not to know how to curtsy and that it had to be done upon every first meeting with The Queen. We know …

Charles III

King Charles III: The King Winning People’s Hearts

King Charles III is not an unpopular king. Nor is he popular. However, he is winning the hearts of the British people. Since the announcement of his cancer diagnosis in February 2024, the British nation has rallied around not just His Majesty, but the entire royal family. This includes his beloved daughter-in-law, Catherine, the Princess …

books Catherine Middleton
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Books About Catherine Middleton

Yes, we know. Catherine Middleton no longer exists; it is Catherine, the Princess of Wales. For the sake of this book list post, it is Catherine Middleton. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is solely for SEO purposes and nothing more. We’ve wanted to do this post for a while. But there have not been …

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Books About Prince William And Prince Harry

Many books have been written about Prince William and Prince Harry for almost forty years. In this post, we’ll be highlighting many of these tomes. We’ll be setting this post up differently from the others we’ve done. There are books about William and Harry individually and others about them together. The links provided in this …

books about royal family
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Books About The British Royal Family

There are so many books about the British Royal Family. Over the last week or so, we’ve covered many royal books on Project Fangirl, including Meghan Markle, King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth II, and King Edward VIII. We also did one on books written by members of the family. In this post, we’ll examine royal …

edward viii book
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Books About King Edward VIII

King Edward VIII is seen as a traitor to his own family, and it has been written about in several books. He is known by some as The Traitor King because he chose to marry a woman who was twice divorced, American and hungry for money. The story of Edward and Wallis is currently playing …

King Charles books
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Books About King Charles III

When you’re King Charles III, you tend to have many books written. Given that we write about books regularly, we’re going to list many books written about the current monarch of the United Kingdom. It’s fitting as we’re trying to expand our Book Haven section. We’ve already written lists of books about King Charles III’s …