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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Did Prince Harry Overdose?

Prince Harry overdose

There is a rumour out there that Prince Harry allegedly suffered an overdose recently. Lady Colin Campbell mentioned it in passing when she answered questions on her YouTube channel in mid-January 2024. Here is the reference from the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit feed.

As far as we can tell, the Prince Harry overdose rumours are not valid. Lady C even mentioned it because the person who asked the question said two YouTubers said he had. We’ve not been able to find out who these people were. If it were true, it would be all over the news.

Also, many YouTubers will claim they have “sources” close to Montecito when they actually don’t. Whoever these people are does not have intel because why did Harry show up to the Legends of Aviation Award and the film premiere in Jamaica? Anyone who suffers from an overdose remains in a treatment centre for a while, not just a couple of weeks. We also have to point out that it was NOT Lady C who came out with the rumour.

Not to mention, Prince Harry suffering from an overdose would blow his father, Catherine and Fergie’s health news out of the water. Why? Because you rarely hear of royals overdosing on drugs. Also, it would not necessarily be a surprise, given how open he has been about his drug use. Let’s not forget the parents of a woman who died from a drug overdose slammed Prince Harry for praising drug use.

In conclusion, this is going in the same pile as the rumours surrounding Princess Eugenie.

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