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Book Question Time!

pile of assorted novel books

There is nothing better than Book Question time. In this post, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun and use Google Search Console and Ezoic, to find book questions. The questions will be random subjects, depending on what we can find. Also, this post will accommodate for questions that we cannot fit into …

Chronicles of Harkle

The Times Meghan Does The Opposite Of What She Claims

Opposite Meghan

Meghan Markle loves to do the opposite of what she claims. This post will explore several of these aspects and see what we find. Over the last six years, there have been a ton of opposites and contradictions so that is what we’ll unravel, if you will, here. There will be a few, so the …

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Book Recommendations By Reese Witherspoon Since The Inception Of Reese’s Book Club

Reese Book Recommendations

Move aside, Oprah! Reese Witherspoon has become the new Queen of Book Clubs, with recommendations from Reese’s Book Club. Since before the book club’s inception, the Academy Award-winning actress has shared her love of reading to her fans on Instagram. In 2017, Reese started Reese’s Book Club. Since then, many featured books have gone on …