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Online Bookstores That Could Replace Booktopia

online bookstores booktopia

Booktopia is one of the most recognisable online bookstores in Australia. In the last couple of weeks, the business has gone into voluntary administration with a debt of over $60 million. The brand has existed since 2004 and had massive surge during the COVID when everyone was trapped inside and needed something to do. With …


Prince Harry Targeting Catherine, George Charlotte And Louis Would’ve Been The Last Straw For Prince William – OPINION

Prince Harry Kate Middleton

Before Meghan Markle dug her claws into Prince Harry, he enjoyed a close bond with his brother, Prince William and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. He once said that Catherine was “the sister I never had.” However, since the arrival of Meghan, Prince Harry’s attitude towards Kate Middleton and his nephews and niece, Princes George and …

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Prince Harry Doesn’t Care Two Effs About Princess Catherine  – OPINION

Prince Harry Princess Catherine

Prince Harry and the former Catherine “Kate” Middleton, the Princess of Wales, used to be incredibly close. They were like brother and sister. However, since the arrival of Meghan Markle, the relationship between the once close in-laws has soured. The relationship between “Kate Middleton” and Prince Harry went south when Meghan started acting like a …

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ESPN Defends Their Decision To Give Prince Harry The Pat Tillman Award, Despite Backlash  – OPINION

Pat Tillman award

Prince Harry probably doesn’t know who Pat Tillman was, what he did, or what the newest award he is getting is about. After all, he told a crowd that the NFL was stolen from Britain’s Rugby. ESPN has defended its decision to give the runaway royal the accolade This has, understandably, been a sore spot …

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Cut The Puff Pieces! Meghan Markle Doesn’t Care About Kate Middleton To Issue ‘The Olive Branch’ – OPINION

Olive Branch

We all know how much Meghan Markle despises Kate Middleton, better known as Catherine, The Princess of Wales. The former actress has hated her now-sister-in-law since before they even met. See her Tig Talk post on Princess Alia Al-Senussi, for details. Though, she does love puff pieces. Oh, and the olive branches that allegedly have …

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Prince William And Princess Catherine Showed Harry And Meghan How It’s Truly Done And Why Celebrities Love Them  – OPINION

If you were to Google ‘William and Kate news’ you would get many headlines like the Prince of Wales attending the celebrities-studded London leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour with Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, where Catherine unable to attend. You would also get articles about the Princess of Wales being at Trooping the Colour. …

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What Narrative Is Meghan Trying To Portray? Why The Photoshop Double Standards?  – OPINION

Meghan Markle has made a career out of being a victim. Racism? Check. Poor little lonely girl? Yes. The target of sexism? Yep. Bullying target? Yes again.  Pregnant woman with mental health issues? Tick.  There are two narratives that Little Miss American Riviera Orchard hasn’t formed. That’s the need to photoshop photos and the goal …

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References To Previous Addams Family Properties In Wednesday

Addams Family

As the smash hit Netflix series, Wednesday, continues to film its second season, we thought we’d have some fun and point out references to previous Addams Family properties that were scattered throughout Season 1. The Addams Family references will be from different versions of the kooky family throughout the years. Before we begin, the references …