True Crime

Saint Andrews Cathedral School Announces They Are Knocking Down The Gym Bathroom Where Lilie James Was Murdered

Gym bathroom, Lilie James

Saint Andrews Cathedral School has announced that they will demolish the gym bathroom where water polo coach Lilie James was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend, Paul Thijssen, according to The Daily Mail. An email was sent to parents of students attending the prestigious school, informing them of the decision. The school decided to take …

Netflix Television

Who Played Morticia Addams In Wednesday?

Morticia Addams, Wednesday

In the Netflix series “Wednesday,” gothic character Morticia Addams is portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, known for roles in Zorro and National Treasure. Morticia appears in two episodes, pivotal for understanding her daughter Wednesday’s fear of turning into her mother. Morticia’s younger version in a flashback episode is played by rising actress Gwen Jones.

True Crime

Criminal Psychologist Calls Killer Paul Thijssen ‘A Control Freak’ While Former Students And Friends Rally To Support Him

control freak, Paul Thijssen

It is hard to comprehend why anyone would want to kill another human being, but a Criminal Psychologist has called Lilie James’ alleged killer, Paul Thijssen, a control freak. As per the Daily Mail, Tim Watson-Munro has revealed he has identified five indicators that Thijssen potentially would kill Lilie James. Tim Watson-Muntro has examined high-profile …