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Welcome To The Tip Jar!

Information is an essential part of any media website. Here on our tip jar page, you can share pieces of information with us. Please be sure to share your name and contact so we can verify that the intel is accurate. We value honesty and transparency. Also, if you want to share your information anonymously, you are more than welcome to do so. We also encourage you to read about us on our about page.

Alternatively, if you do not feel you can share with us on this form, don’t worry, as you can contact us via the social media buttons above the menu.

Please note that if you want to include images or videos to our tip jar, please send the link, not the video itself to cjhawkingswrites@hotmail.com. If you have images, attach them to the email, but please be sure they are png, jpg or jpeg files. If you are uncertain as to how any of this works, contact us either on the form or via the email address linked above.

When sending tips via the above email address, please include “tip” or “tip jar” in the subject line. If this is not done, we will delete the email or consider it junk mail.

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