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Boggart Harry Potter
Harry Potter

What Is A Boggart In Harry Potter?

We’ve spoken a lot about the Fantastic Beasts in Harry Potter. We’ve written about it from the Basilisk to all the cats we’ve mentioned to Thestrals. Our next creature is the ever-elusive boggart Harry Potter first encounters during his third year while on the Hogwarts Express. So, what does a boggart look like? No one …

Cats Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Cats In Harry Potter

Cats pop up all over the Harry Potter franchise. From Animagus to magic breeds, let’s explore these critters. There are a few avenues we go down in this post due to how frequently felines appear. Please note we will be exploring not just the cats but characters who could transfigure themselves into cats. Animagus A …

questions dumbledore
Harry Potter

Questions About The Dumbledore Family

There are a lot of questions about the Dumbledore family. That is why we’re here. To answer questions we’ve seen come up about the famous wizarding family that sired everyone’s favourite Hogwarts headmaster. These questions about the Dumbledore family will be in no particular order. Is Albus Dumbledore Gay? Yes, Albus is gay. This was …

food, harry potter
Harry Potter

Food In Harry Potter

Food in Harry Potter is discussed quite a bit during the boy wizard’s time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is why we’re reviewing a few lists of food items Harry Potter and wizardkind are known to eat. This is also a spinoff post from the sweets post we did a while ago. …

Cho Chang, Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Who Is Cho Chang In Harry Potter?

Cho Chang was Harry Potter’s first girlfriend he started dating in his fifth year at Hogwarts. A Ravenclaw one or two years older, Chang was a member of Dumbledore’s Army who dated Cedric Diggory before his untimely death during the final TriWizard task. She would also date Michael Corner and Roger Davies, two Ravenclaw students. …

light spells, Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Light Spells

The world of Harry Potter is full of weird and wonderful spells, and light spells are one of the first we’re introduced to. There is so much. So, in this post, we will mention light spells, also known as Light-creation spells. The most well-known light spell is Lumos. However, other versions exist, including Lumos Duo, …