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Meghan Markle’s Archetypes So Far


What is the first thing you think of when it comes to Meghan Markle’s Archetypes? Is it the topics that she waffles on about that drive you to listen? Could it be because you identify with the women that the former actress is talking to? Whatever the case might be, I can tell you know now from the small snippets I have listened to courtesy to the brave Megxiteers who have sat down and put up Markel’s voice for an hour, that all her talking points come back to her.

As the Archetypes has a few episodes to go, we thought we’d go over briefly the topics that have been talked about. Also, we’ve spoken about how Meghan feels about women more powerful than herself. Another point we want to make is that the podcast is holding women back, not making a statement. Finally, Meghan thinks she owns the word “Archetypes” because it’s on brand with Archewell.

1. Ambition

The first episode of Archetypes is Ambition with Meghan’s ‘dear friend’, Serena Williams and we say that loosely. So, Markle spent more time talking about herself than talking to her guest. Also, she had to upstage Serena.

When Williams told the story about her young daughter breaking her arm, Markle had to up that by claiming Archie almost died in a fire. It later came out that she had a heater on in the baby’s room and it was smoking. Yeah, we wish we could make it up.

2. Diva

The second Archetypes episode was a doozy as it had Mariah Carey completely owning the diva stereotype. She made literally made a career out of being a diva and she threw it in Meghan’s face after told how to feel about it. As much as we’re not fans of Mimi, we respect her for putting Markle in her place for this one. Also, it’s funny that the former actress freaked out at being called diva herself.

Mariah is not someone you want to mess with. She isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks of them and despite her disguised compliment, she watched herself. Even though she has more power than Meghan does.

3. Singleton

As a single person, we’re offended that Meghan marked the realm of singleton as a bad thing. Her guest was Mindy Kaling who has two children whom she is choosing to raise as a single parent. So, why is this a bad thing?

4. Dragon Lady

Now, this next one is a BIG one as Lucy Liu herself called Meghan out. So, Meghan thinks that Asian women are bogged down with the term, Dragon Lady and that films like Kill Bill and Austin Powers sexualised Asian women.

Going back to the Lucy Liu thing, she said when she did Kill Bill over twenty years, she was empowered, not objectified. Also, Austin Powers is satire.

5. Crazy

There’s not much to say about the crazy Archetypes episode as it was probably the most uninteresting conversation of the bunch. Though, we do have to say this: Meghan would be crazy to go into politics as she would never last. If anything, Harry should be defined as crazy.

6. Bimbo

Now, the Bimbo episode was an interesting one because Paris Hilton, like Mariah Carey, did with being a diva, built her career up by portraying herself as a bimbo. Yet, Meghan feels it is her right to tell her that being a bimbo is a bad thing.

Also, Paris was vulnerable with Meghan which was a mistake as Markle will probably steal her personal story.

7. Angry Black Woman

The final Archetypes episode is about the angry black woman where Meghan snaps back at the allegations of her bullying staff. While it is subtle, you can read between the lines.

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