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How Meghan Markle’s Podcast on Female “Archetypes” Is Holding Women Back


Meghan Markle does not understand the difference between a stereotype and an archetype. She only chose “Archetypes” for her Spotify podcast because it fits with her brand of Archewell. Get it? In Meghan’s mind, she created the word “Archetypes” as it’s a combination of “Archewell” and “Stereotypes.” That was likely her reasoning for it. While it might be clever to combine two words, it’s Meghan. She’ll do anything to be seen as a positive influence on the world.

However, Spotify is currently suffering, yet the Archetypes podcast is also failing in the ratings. See, this is what happens when you inflate the numbers to make yourself to be better than you are. Anyway, the medium is holding women back.

Spotify was at Markle and Prince Harry for almost two years to get them to produce something after their holiday special in 2020 fell behind whale noises. So, her seven episodes so far have covered the following:

  1. Ambition.
  2. Diva.
  3. Singleton.
  4. Dragon Lady.
  5. Crazy.
  6. The Bimbo.
  7. Angry Black Woman.

Into The Spotify Podcast – Ambition

There are five more episodes to come. Good grief. Meghan might believe these seven “archetypes” are holding women back, but we don’t live in the 50s and 60s, where the female sex was purely there to look pretty and prop men up.

So, going to the Spotify podcast, let’s review these themes. Let’s start with Ambition. The first episode’s guest was Meghan’s supposed friend, Serena Williams and how being ambitious is a terrible thing to be when you’re a woman. Is it? We thought that it was a good thing.

A big issue a ton of people have Archetypes as a whole is that all Markle does settle scores. She doesn’t provide any solutions to her ” problem “. Someone analysed how much speaking time Meghan and Serena had each during that premiere episode, and MM spent more time talking than the tennis champ.

Being ambitious is what gets people places. Meghan is a classic example of this. She had to worm her way into the Toronto social scene to get connections that would eventually lead her to Harry and the high life she now lives.

Diva & Singleton

Next up, we have Diva. This is interesting because the guest was Mariah Carey, one of the world’s biggest divas. Meghan believes to be called such a name is blasphemous. However, Mimi doesn’t. She has made her entire career about being a diva.

We haven’t heard it, but people say that Meghan got offended when Mariah called her a diva. Now, Ms Carey was joking, but Markle could not take a joke. So the singer jumped on Twitter sometime later and had to clarify that she was being nice when she made the quip as she didn’t want people coming for her.

Meghan makes being a diva out as a bad thing. However, depending on how you use it, it can be seen as a positive. This shows that she chooses topics that don’t have negativity surrounding them half the time.

Singleton is the next topic Meghan picks apart. This is big coming from a woman who has used her husbands to advance her standing in society. For example, Mindy Kaling chose to be a single parent. Another example is Lucy Liu, whom we’ll come to later in the post. Markle treats being single like it’s a disease. She hasn’t been without a partner in almost a decade. She went from her ex-boyfriend to Harry in quick succession. There was even an overlap, implying she cheated on Cory with Harry.

If we’re honest, Meghan wouldn’t know how to be single. She loves attention and can’t go without it for very long.

Dragon Lady

The next topic that Meghan’s Spotify podcast explored was the Dragon Lady. This was the same episode in which she spoke about eating hot noodles at a Korean spa. It has come to our attention that at a Korean Spa, cold noodles are eaten to cool the body down after any heat treatment. This goes to show how uneducated Markle is. This brings us to Lucy Liu, who we mentioned earlier, was a single parent by choice. She has a son that was born via surrogate in 2015.

Now, Lucy came forward after the Dragon Lady episode dropped. Meghan criticised Kill Bill, a film that Ms Liu was in over twenty years ago where she played the leader of the Yakuza, O-Ren Ishii. According to Indy100, Lucy once wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post where she said that other characters in the film were written the same way as hers was, so why not call them Dragon Ladies, too?

Lucy was referring to the characters played by Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox, and Daryl Hannah, respectively. All four actresses played assassins. These were strong female characters and were written like this by Quentin Tarantino, who is well-known for writing female characters who are three-dimensional.

Spotify Knows How Crazy Meghan Is, Right? Umm… How Is Being A Bimbo Bad?

So, the next theme is Crazy. Now, this was a pretty weird word to use when it comes to class women. Yes, we’ve seen women be labelled as such, but never have we thought it was offensive. However, according to Meghan, it’s “an archetype.” So, we don’t have much to add here as we see it as bad. Also, we cannot remember what was spoken about.

The second last topic is The Bimbo, which was last week’s episode. Now, we have a ton of respect for Paris Hilton as a businesswoman, but she wasn’t too bright regarding WHY she did the podcast. According to what she says, she thought that it would be cool to do it after she heard about Serena’s episode.

So, anything, Meghan pushes Paris on the whole Bimbo narrative and constantly asks if she still is a Bimbo. However, she fails to realise that Ms Hilton started her career in reality television, presenting herself as a dumb blonde. It was her idea, just as Nicole Ritchie played the stereotypical party girl.

The Angry Black Woman

The most recent episode is Angry Black Woman. It takes a swipe at the allegations levelled at Meghan for being cruel to her staff. While she made underhanded jabs, it’s clear the topic extends to what the Sussex Squad calls Megxiteers “Angry, Middle-Aged White Women”, or what Pro-Sussex media women call Valentine Low, Tom Bower and Piers Morgan, “White, pale and stale.” Of the two guests she had on, we’d only heard of Issa Rae, who is woke.

Also, we do NOT believe that Meghan is 43% Nigerian. This is the same woman who claimed she was Maltese and didn’t bother to correct people when they assumed she was Hispanic. We’ll cover this in a later post, but she’s lost her mind this time.

Spotify Should Rethink Whether Archetypes Deserve Another Season

It has not been stated whether Spotify will renew Archetypes for a second season. Newsflash, it didn’t get renewed. The podcast and music giant needs to consider whether they want a woke individual like Meghan Markle and those blind and gullible enough to talk to her on their platform. Like Netflix, Spotify’s stocks have been on shaky grounds over the last six months.


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