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Meghan Doesn’t Understand Culture At All!


Archetypes is back, and it’s a doozy. Meghan Markle doesn’t know when to quit. Her latest podcast episode, which was delayed due to the Queen’s passing, is now live. Like in previous episodes, people are talking and are NOT happy. While there are no royal family digs this time, it does show how uncultured the Duchess of Montecito is about Asian culture. Not to mention, she doesn’t understand that Austin Powers is entirely satire. She also takes a swing at one of the world’s greatest filmmakers, Quentin Tarantino, by saying that Kill Bill over-sexualises Asian women.

Okay, I want to stress that I have not listened to the episode or the others. But I’ve read enough about them to form an opinion. Meghan Markle is not as cultured as she wants the world to believe she is. She is inciting racism without realising it. It’s no wonder that #MeghanMarkleIsARacist is trending on Twitter. It’s like she thinks Archetypes is her word when it’s been around for hundreds of years.

There Is More To Asian Culture Than Noodles

I want to start by saying I consider myself more cultured than Meghan Markle. My childhood best friend was black. I have a Filipino friend from uni, which is part of the Asian culture. I have so much respect for the world around me that I know when someone is using a stereotype. In the case of the Princess of Overseas, she associated Asian cuisine with noodles. No, I’m not kidding.

Yes, noodles are a part of Asian cuisine, but what about rice dishes? Spring rolls? Peking Duck? Sushi? Kimchi? Dim Sum? Hey, try doing your own research! I’ve started for you. Also, didn’t Meghan claim in her letter to US Congress that she grew up poor and could only afford the $5 salad bar at Sizzler? Oh, wait, she wasn’t poor as her dad took her to some of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles. She bragged about this on Instagram before meeting Harry.

Also, would Meghan know what Asian fashion looks like? Somehow, I doubt it.

Austin Powers Is Satire, Woman!

austin powers
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Going over the Austin Powers and Kill Bill situation and Meghan’s claims that both films misrepresent the Asian culture by over-sexualising the female characters of Asian descent doesn’t even wash. First, as did Kill Bill, Austin Powers came out over twenty years ago. Also, don’t you think Lucy Liu would have said something about her time in Bill Kill if she had been over-sexualised? She’s spoken about working with Bill Murray on Charlie’s Angels. Why wouldn’t she speak up about over-sexualisation if there was any ounce of truth in it?

Also, Meghan is biting the hand of an influential and beloved figure in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino. Now, she made a massive mistake calling him out. He’s a respected director with a ton of A-list friends. What does she have? A list of A-list people she has created grievances with by dissing them to some degree.

Despite what Meghan thinks, Hollywood isn’t as big as she believes. A lot of people’s relationships forged in Hollywood are cemented in loyalty. Meghan thinks people will gravitate towards her because she’s married to a prince and has a title. As a result, she doesn’t do dedication unless the person ticks every box on her unspoken checklist.

Don’t Piss Off Hollywood, Meghan

However, Hollywood long-stayers know when someone is a grifter. Also, Tom Bower mentions in Revenge that Meghan’s drama professor, while attending Northwestern, said she could be a great actress if she trained in theatre. However, Markle refused the offer. She thought she knew everything and thought she was a terrific actress who would win massive accolades. When she didn’t, she panicked when she was written out of Suits. So, she went on the prowl for a rich man to marry, and she landed Harry. We know the rest.

Now, this is where things get interesting. Meghan’s Mole did an interesting video about the Asian stereotype of the Dragon Lady. Markle might have stolen the story about the Korean spa from an episode of the Netflix series Big Mouth. Also, Doria was absent from Meghan’s life for a decade if Tom Bower’s book is to be believed. From what we know, she didn’t come back into her daughter’s life until she was in her mid-teens.

The Korean Spa Story Didn’t Happen

Anyone who has read Revenge will know this as the information came directly from Thomas Markle Snr before his stroke. Despite some dodgy things the Markles have put out into the big wide world in recent years, I believe Tom Markle as he’d have receipts. Also, I saw something the other day about how Margaret Cho had a body-shaming experience at a Korean Spa in 2013. I found the article where this was spoken about in the Huffington Post.

The article references that Margaret Cho had been body shamed when she walked into a Korean spa because she had tattoos. Whether Meghan researched Margaret before she interviewed her on Archetypes is unclear. Nor does it matter. Meghan is well-known for fabricating much of her life, which has to be refuted by her family every time something falls out of her mouth.

Do I believe the story happened? No. I don’t. I don’t think that Meghan was ever poor. She married Harry for status and money because she couldn’t hack it as a noteworthy actress. Now I understand why casting directors never hired her for projects outside of her inability to act like a civilised human.

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