Why Meghan Markle Will Never Last If She Goes Into Politics

political ambitions

Will the Duchess of Sussex’s political ambitions last?

Meghan Markle appears to have political ambitions, but we sense they won’t last. We know from various sources, including Daniela Elser of news.com.au who say that the former actress wants in at the White House. But there’s an issue here. She doesn’t like accepting criticism and believes everyone is against her if they don’t agree with her opinion.

Having a political agenda means there is going to be secrets you don’t want to get out. Meghan certainly has them. However, she needs to get it through her head that she is not untouchable. There are going to be people who she has abused who will come out of the ground to expose her.

Just because you have friends in the Obamas doesn’t mean your political ambitions are foolproof, and you’re going to succeed. Meghan believes she can do anything perfectly. Her acting skills didn’t win her any form of acting award. From what we’ve seen of Suits, her performance is D-list level at best. 

She’s also not that much of a children’s author. Her book, ‘The Bench’ has been panned by critics due to lack of story and horrible grammar. One critic has been quoted as saying it was a “self-help book for needy parents”.

Meghan is not “very good at writing”. As a writer ourselves, her blog, The Tig was mediocre. This criticism does not come from us disliking her. It comes in a professional capacity. The only reason she had a following was that she was on a cable show where women looked up to Rachel Zane’s “fashion sense”. Her “advice” on her blog was not authentic. It was full of sugary sweetness. Also, in recent times, posts from The Tig have come back to bite her. One example is how she used to idolise Ivanka Trump. Another would be when she was busted lying about not knowing anything about the royals when she gushed about William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding.

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