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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Are Harry And Meghan Trying To Buy A Private Island? – THOUGHTS & OPINIONS

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There’s a new rumour floating around that the Sussexes’ are now looking to buy a private island… with what money? They’re basically broke, given how much Meghan insists on spending on her horrid wardrobe. Yahoo Life reports they want to get out of the paparazzi infestation, and it wouldn’t just be a holiday getaway. It would be their new home.

I have a few thoughts on this. First, while it would be nice to get them OUT of the media spotlight forever, I can also see what Meghan would want to do with the private island. Given her narcissistic ego, she would likely want to be the island’s queen and want to make it a whole country within itself.

Also, I doubt this story is true as Meghan cannot live very long without being the subject of attention, no matter how negative. If this is true, where would the kids go to school? I cannot see her or Harry homeschooling them. They’re already isolated from the world as it is. We never see the kids in public until Meghan controls it. Remember that pap walk she did with Archie?

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The Sussexes Would Have To Sacrifice Everything To Live On A Private Island Away From Everyone

These photos were published almost a half hour before Prince Louis’ birthday photos were published. Of course, if the Sussexes were to move permanently to their own private island, they would have to give up the frequent trips to expensive restaurants, and Meghan would have to give up her wardrobe. Then there’s the security and health care and interacting with people.

Would they give up their internet access? No. Would their security and whatever staff works for them be willing to move out to a private island that can only be accessed by plane or helicopter? I highly doubt it. While it is ideal for the short term, it will not help them in the long run.

As I’ve said, they could live on Mars, which still wouldn’t be far enough. So they would still find some way to be in the media.

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