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Pop Goes Perry! Meghan Markle Is Outed For Leaking Where Tyler Perry Lives! – OPINION

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For a man worth a billion dollars, Tyler Perry is pretty naive. Why this never occurred to us when the Harry & Meghan Netflix drama came out is beyond me. Anyway, I was watching a recent video by the Sidley Twins today, and they were talking about something Tom Bower mentioned during a conversation he had with Dan Wootton.

Bower said that there is a story regarding Tyler Perry being left unaware of how the paparazzi could find his house. This was while the Sussexes were living there with a then-infant Archie. During the Netflix show, he calls the British royals racist without knowing both sides of the story. Perry claims that no one knew he lived in the house before the Sussexes started residing there.

The Freedom Of Information Act Is Handy

According to Bower, Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast had the information as he had a freedom of information request after receiving a tip-off. This is no real surprise, as she [Meghan] loves to whinge about the attention she loves receiving.

Now, Tyler Perry is the godfather to Lilibet. In the Netflix whinge-fest, he said he wouldn’t do it if he had to sit with the “racist royals.” Meghan knows how to charm people; that has never been a secret. She influenced Harry, and she’s still finding ways to keep a tight leash on him. Moreover, this includes the prince making his phone hacking case against the Mirror Newspaper Group about Meghan and getting even with Piers Morgan. Also, Meghan wanted to show she has black allies, so she chose some as gullible as Tyler Perry. I’m surprised she didn’t ask Jamilla Jamil, who is as woke and entitled as she is.

Tyler, Are You Dumb? Naive? Or Both?

Meghan calling the paps to tell them where she and Harry were going to be when they landed in America is of no real surprise. Whether Tyler Perry has worked that out is beyond me, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re planning on working together now that he bought the BET network.

Tyler should also know that paparazzi culture isn’t like it used to be. I remember in the early 2000s when the Paps stalked Brittney Spears, and she had a full-on meltdown. This was during her Blackout era when she shaved her head. Also, most celebrities get the only pap attention now if they call them.

The Californian Law That Halle Berry And Jennifer Garner Helped Get Put In Place

I’ve spoken about this a few times before, but Meghan seems to be unfamiliar with the passed law regarding the paps photographing the children of the rich and famous. Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner spearheaded a case a decade or more ago where in California if the paps snap pictures of celebrities and sell them to magazines, the faces of the kids, if shown, are blurred out.

Finally, the photo of Meghan walking with Archie was staged and arranged for the kid’s face to be shown on Page Six. Otherwise, the website would have been in a ton of trouble. In conclusion, they were never sued, despite it being claimed that the Sussexes considered suing. You can’t sue over something you orchestrated. Moreover, Markle’s “concern” about the drones over Tyler’s house was so fake that she knew they would be there.

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