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Good Wife, Bad Wife, Good Mother, Bad Mother: Archetypes Drags Motherhood

bad wife, good mother, Archetypes

Meghan Markle’s new Archetypes episode talks about being a bad wife, a good wife, a bad mother, and a good mother. Man, I hated writing that, but whatever. It’s necessary. This week’s Archetypes talks about the stereotypes behind being the bad wife/good wife and bad mother/good mother. The Royal Grift did an excellent video on the episode where she drags everything the former actress says.

Now, the Royal Grift mentions something interesting. She says that Meghan claims she wishes people wouldn’t be judgemental about single mothers and doesn’t know how Pamela Adlon does it with her daughters. For those who might not know, two of Pamela’s daughters are actors. One of them is Odessa A’Zion who starred in the one-season sitcom Fam with Nina Dobrev. Odess has also appeared in a couple of episodes of the US iteration of the sitcom, Ghosts.

The No Good Mother And No Good Wife

Meghan doesn’t know what a good mother is as her own mother wasn’t in her life for about a decade. Yet, she tells this grand story about how Doria phoned her and she even recorded the conversation as “proof” that it happened. I happen to agree with the Royal Grift. It was either an actor that she hired to sound like her mum or it was her mother that she told to Facetime her at a certain time while she was recording the podcast. Nothing is outside the realm of possibility when it comes to Markle.

The whole bad wife would be perfect for Meghan as she treats her husband like a piece of gum on the bottom of her thousand-dollar stilettos or however much they cost. This episode of Archetypes was an example of this. She does not refer to Harry by his name once. All he was is “my husband.”

This brings me to something else which I will address in another post, but Lady C has said that allegedly the Sussexes have legally separated. Whether or not it is true, I have no idea as there is no tangible proof. However, I doubt Meghan or Harry would make this public. As it would the world go, “We told you that the marriage wouldn’t last.”

There Is No Love

Harry, thanks to Meghan’s prodding, wants to show people that he married for love and that he can weather the storm his parents could not. If anything, his marriage to the former actress was nothing more than a sit-down protest for the ages. If the Queen didn’t approve of the match, the now Duke of Sussex would’ve screamed “racism.” Or at least, this is what the rumours are saying.

bad, wife, good mother, Archetypes
[Credit: Chicago Tribune]

The Queen’s glare at Meghan at the wedding tells us everything we need to know about that. If looks could kill. Her Majesty was not a stupid woman. She could see that Markle was a she-beast.

I believe that The Queen only agreed to allow Harry to marry Meghan to prevent drama. If he were in William’s position, then yes, she would’ve said no. However, it has been said that the young of Charles’ sons was Her Majesty’s favourite grandchild. Remember he managed to rope her into prompting Invictus?

The Old Harry

Now that was something I will always remember about the old Harry that everyone loved. It’s a real shame that Meghan is holding his balls hostage and for what? A large alimony if they are separated and later divorce? Full access to the phantom children?

I can guarantee that if there is a public announcement, it will be in the media for weeks and the fallout will be insanely messy. It will be a bigger public spat than Charles and Diana’s divorce was in the 90s. Does Harry really want his children (if they exist) to be subjected to the same torment he and William were put under? Let’s not forget that every chance he gets, he indirectly calls his brother out for allowing his children to be in the limelight.

Diana Thought Of Harry As The Spare

The man is an absolute hypocrite. Diana was insistent that both her boys be raised and treated the same. She didn’t want Harry to become seen as a spare and that he had equal value to William. However, she did refer to him as a spare. According to the Independent, a pro-Sussex publication, the late Princess of Wales “tried to shield” for his destiny as the spare. I can see Diana doing this as she would’ve seen the impact the designation had on Princess Margaret, The Queen’s sister and Prince Andrew, one of Charles’ brothers.

What makes this even more insane is that Harry appears to forget that his grandmother and great-grandfather were both spares. King George only became King because his older brother, Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. I have some serious thoughts about the parallels between the Sussexes and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Harry has claimed that he suffered “genetic pain”, whatever that is, as a child and he wanted to break the cycle with his kids. However, what he doesn’t realise is that he is passing on that same pain because of his actions. What makes that so reductant is that he had a good life as he never had to worry about money or bills because everything was handled for him. But now, then claimed on Oprah with Meghan and Harry that that his brother and father were trapped and that he escaped from the Firm.

Motherhood Shouldn’t Be Hard For The Wealthy

Umm. Perhaps it is he who is trapped in a marriage where there is no way out. He is not madly in love with his wife and it shows.

Anyway, back to Meghan as we finish up. Meghan makes motherhood out to be the hardest thing in the world. FYI, woman. You have staff and nannies and every type of help under the sun and have what most people don’t. She screams about rich people problems and Sophie Trudeau did the same thing. The pair do not compare when it comes to their children.

Meggy’s so-called children are toddlers, while Sophie has two teenagers and a preteen. It’s the same with Pamela. Her three daughters are adults. Or at least, the two older ones are. I don’t know about the youngest. I’ll be back with a few more posts on this week’s Archetypes, as it gives us plenty to talk about.

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